Girls Dominate Last Night In Tigers Swim-Team Action

first_imgBy Paul LeckerSports ReporterMERRILL – The Marshfield girls swim team won its Wisconsin Valley Conference dual meet opener Thursday, whipping Merrill 118-48 at Merrill High School.Marshfield won eight of the 11 events.Sophie Koehn, Elizabeth Holbrook, Megan Donahue, and Sarah Claessens teamed to win the 200 medley relay (2:09.07) and the 400 freestyle relay (4:23.78), and all four also won individual events for the Tigers.Holbrook won the 200 individual medley (2:33.93) and the 100 breaststroke (1:20.33), Donahue won the 100 butterfly (1:10.96), Claessens took first in the 500 freestyle (6:16.54) and Koehn was first in the 100 backstroke (1:09.10).April Read grabbed the other first place for the Tigers, winning the 200 freestyle in 2:30.60.Valerie Kushnir (200 free), Elizabeth Lecker (50 free), Molina Barker (100 free), Michelle Fernandez (100 back), and Claire Greenlee (100 breaststroke) won events for the Marshfield JV.Marshfield is off for a week until taking on D.C. Everest in a Wisconsin Valley Conference dual on Sept. 18 at Marshfield High School.VarsityWinners and Marshfield finishersMarshfield 118, Merrill 48200 medley relay: 1. Marshfield (Sophie Koehn, Elizabeth Holbrook, Megan Donahue, Sarah Claessens) 2:09.07; 3. Marshfield (Karen Scheuer, Grace Hilbelink, Valerie Kushnir, Charlotte Urban) 2:22.22; 4. Marshfield (Molina Barker, Michelle Fernandez, April Read, Elise Ashby) 2:22.93.200 freestyle: 1. Read (MAR) 2:30.60; 4. Barker (MAR) 2:41.16; 5. Morgan Nordbeck (MAR) 2:44.28.200 IM: 1. Holbrook (MAR) 2:33.93; 2. Scheuer (MAR) 2:46.62; 3. Madi Hall (MAR) 3:02.24.50 freestyle: 1. Kendyl Pettit (MER) 27.51; 2. Claessens (MAR) 27.97; 3. Erika Roeglin (MAR0 31.16; 4. Ashby (MAR) 31.90.100 butterfly: 1. Donahue (MAR) 1:10.96; 2. Ashby (MAR) 1:26.40; 3. Urban (MAR) 1:37.39.100 freestyle: 1. Pettit (MER) 1:00.55; 2. Koehn (MAR) 1:01.81; 3. Read (MAR) 1:10.99; 4. Michelle Fernandez (MAR) 1:11.23.500 freestyle: 1. Claessens (MAR) 6:16.54; 2. Kushnir (MAR) 6:44.60; 5. Hall (MAR) 7:11.91.200 freestyle relay: 1. Merrill (Caitlyn Kolehouse, Hanna Cohrs, Julia Oelke, Pettit) 2:01.32; 2. Marshfield (Fernandez, Roeglin, Ashby, Urban) 2:03.01; 3. Marshfield (Claire Greenlee, Read, Scheuer, Hilbelink) 2:11.64.100 backstroke: 1. Koehn (MAR) 1:09.10; 2. Donahue (MAR) 1:11.16; 3. Scheuer (MAR) 1:18.47.100 breaststroke: 1. Holbrook (MAR) 1:20.33; 2. Urban (MAR) 1:30.89; 3. Hilbelink (MAR) 1:33.77.400 freestyle relay: 1. Marshfield (Claessens, Holbrook, Donahue, Koehn) 4:23.78; 2. Marshfield (Lecker, Nordbeck, Barker, Kushnir) 4:55.81.JVMarshfield 48, Merrill 6200 freestyle: 1. Kushnir (MAR) 2:37.39; 2. Hilbelink (MAR) 2:47.24; 3. Taylor Ferch (MAR) 2:53.29.50 freestyle: 1. Lecker (MAR) 33.88; 2. Ferch (MAR) 36.10; 4. Nina Meadows (MAR) 43.01.100 freestyle: 1. Barker (MAR) 1:13.38; 2. Nordbeck (MAR) 1:16.53; 3. Tess Frey (MAR) 1:18.29.100 backstroke: 1. Fernandez (MAR) 1:26.64; 2. Lecker (MAR) 1:43.62.100 breaststroke: 1. Greenlee (MAR) 1:44.90; 2. Roeglin (MAR) 1:49.18; 3. Frey (MAR) 1:59.31.(Hub City Times Sports Reporter Paul Lecker is also the publisher of read more

Flexibility and Job Satisfaction: Are Employers Listening?

first_imgMost employees think flexibility is critical to their job satisfaction: are employers listening?The latest SHRM Job Satisfaction and Engagement survey confirms what many in HR already know: the flexibility to balance life and work issues is important to almost every employee – with 91% of workers polled saying it was either very important (55%) or important (36%) to their job satisfaction.Yes, there were differences between the sexes – 97% of women rated it as either very important or important compared with 85% of men but even with this gap the vast majority of employees, including men, want workplace flexibility.  The same holds true when looking at the different generations – 95% of millennials rate this factor as very important/important to their job satisfaction compared with 94% of Gen Xers and 86% of baby boomers.So are companies getting the message?  Some are – 35% of employees said they were “very satisfied” with their ability to balance life and work issues in their current jobs, while 35% said they were “satisfied”. But more could be done.  The annual SHRM Employee Benefits survey report shows that most flexible work benefits are holding fairly steady with only telecommuting on an ad-hoc basis rising significantly between 2010 when 44% of employers offered this to 2014 when 54% offered it.  At the same time telecommuting on a part-time basis declined from 34% to 29%. Other research we recently did on recruiting and retaining older workers found that many of the barriers HR professionals identify in their attempts to recruit or retain older workers involve their organization’s inability to offer some aspect of workplace flexibility such as flexibility in work location, work hours or schedules. Given the aging of the workforce and the need to hold onto the best and most skilled workers as long as possible, organizations will need to find ways to overcome these barriers.  And since the job satisfaction findings show that workflex is even more important to younger generations, the progress made in increasing flexible work arrangements will improve retention across generations.HR professionals are very aware of the importance of workplace flexibility as a critical retention factor: SHRM research on leveraging benefits for retention last year found that 62% of the HR professionals surveyed said that they believed that flexible working benefits are increasing in importance in terms of their efforts to retain highly skilled employees – the top factor cited.  Their real challenge may be in convincing their organizational leaders to see it the same way. Those that are able to will position their companies for success as the job market heats up and it gets harder to recruit and retain those with the most in-demand skills.For more data findings check out Strategic Benefits–Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs), Strategic Benefits–Leveraging Benefits to Retain Employees, Strategic Benefits–Leveraging Benefits to Recruit Employees and Strategic Benefits–Communicating Benefits.last_img read more

Flickr Still Lags on Mobile, But At Least Its New HTML5 Uploader Respects Privacy

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#Photo Sharing Services#web “Flickr holds about seven billion photos, and uploading is one of the most, if not the most, important aspect of the site,” says a Flickr spokesperson. “We believe that the photo is about a lot more than the image – it’s about the title, tag an description, and helps build the community that we have.” A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Yesterday Flickr announced its new HTML5 photo uploader, which offers a few perks for regular users of the photo-sharing service. Now users can rearrange photos that they’ve uploaded, placing them in the exact order in which they’d like to see them. On the Web version they can, at least. The mobile app version is remarkably slow, and if you’re a user who is trying to upload more than one photo at a time… good luck with that. Even though the iPhone4 is the most used camera on Flickr, the photo-sharing service has never been known for its mobile capabilities.There is some good news in this: the images do upload faster than before, file sizes are bigger, and it’s easier to tell the story behind the photo itself. It’s also quite nice to just drop photos into the browser, thanks to the HTML5 features. Flickr also has an open API, so there’s additional integration into newer OSX and operating systems.  Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… alicia eler Yet take a look at the most popular tags on Flickr and you’ll notice that iphoneography and instagramapp are two of the leaders. In this sense, it seems like Flickr is becoming more of a repository for photos from mobile services – rather than a standalone platform. Nevertheless, the Flickr mobile app does have a clean, visually enticing photostream homepage for every user. And what’s more, Flickr actually respects privacy – for every photo uploaded, Flickr asks if you would like this to be a private image (only you), something to share with friends and/or family, or anyone (public). If Facebook and Instagram took a few tips from this aspect of Flickr, perhaps they could engender more trust amongst users. So while the HTML5 Uploader isn’t going to be Flickr’s comeback, the fact that it allows you to move something from public to private again gives Flickr one advantage at least over Facebook and Instagram.last_img read more

The Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop* (IDH) integrated with the Open Source Cloud Platform via OpenStack Savanna Project

first_imgI am writing to announce the availability of The Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop*on OpenStack Savanna.  From Wikipedia, OpenStack is “… a cloud-computing project, aims to provide the “ubiquitous open source cloud computing platform for public and private clouds.” Predominantly acting as an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform, it is free and open-source software released under the terms of the Apache License. The project is managed by the OpenStack Foundation, a non-profit corporate entity established in September 2012 to promote OpenStack software and its community…”Per the OpenStack web site, “The Savanna project provides a simple means to provision a Hadoop cluster on top of OpenStack.”The IDH+Savanna plug-in software can be found at Gerrit @: OpenStack blueprint for IDH integrated with Savanna can be found @: capabilities in this release of IDH + OpenStack Savanna include the following:The ability to install and provision all elements of IDH including the management console, REST API, and data management platform components of Hadoop (such as HDFS, HIVE, HBASE, MapReduce, etc.).The ability to configure IDH to use Cinder volumes as HDFS back end storage.The ability to scale clusters through manual configuration.Swift integration.The ability to tune key configuration parameters of Hadoop from within the integration OpenStack management console as well as dive into the IDH specific console for deep tuning and management.The ability to validate Hadoop configurations as is made available in the baseline vanilla Savanna plug-in.Finally, to see a video demonstration of the integration as well as a series of in depth technical articles on IDH + Savanna, please refer to our project wiki site @: look forward to your input regarding the implementation, and will write again soon how we will advance the roadmap of ongoing innovation on this integration.Until next time,Joelast_img read more

Cabinet Approves Merger of NYS and NCYD

first_imgCabinet has approved the merger of the National Youth Service (NYS) and the National Centre for Youth Development (NCYD), a move that is expected to increase the budget of both agencies to a total of $561 million.Minister of Youth and Culture, Hon. Lisa Hanna, who made the disclosure while contributing to the 2013/14 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on June 18, said 62 per cent of the expected budget will be allocated to projects that will impact an estimated 21,000 youth directly.She noted that the joining of the agencies is also aimed at reducing the overlap and duplication of work, as well as administration costs.“The truth is that when we got into office we found that the NYS had departed from its core mission and objectives,” Miss Hanna said.She said that unfortunately, the NYS’ sole role had become the placing of young persons in ‘internships’ at a range of state organisations, with the intention that they would, at the end, be assessed and achieve certification from HEART/NTA.“The reality is that only 20 per cent of these participants achieved certification, and less than five per cent of them were retained in the jobs they were placed in,” she said.She noted that over the last few years, she has been working to ensure that the NYS sought to fulfill its existing commitments, while reviewing its strategic focus to encourage among young people, the spirit of voluntarism and civic pride.Among the core objectives of the NYS is the creation of opportunities for self sustainability among youth; the preparation of youth for transition to employment and entrepreneurship; the creation of lessons and opportunities for voluntarism; being a catalyst for fostering of respect; and building social skills, a positive attitude, civic pride, a sense of responsibility and good citizenship among youth.The NCYD was established in 2000 as the Government department with responsibility for young people aged 15 to 24 years. It is responsible for facilitating the co-ordination and integration of programmes, service and activities geared towards youth development, and recommending and designing programmes to enhance and propel youth development.Contact: Athaliah Reynolds-Bakerlast_img read more

On a happy platter

first_imgTo celebrate 25 years of Dakshin in India,  the restaurant is going to showcase some of the signature dishes and masterchefs’ talks about their wonderful journey so far. Dakshin opened in Chennai on 14 April 1989, on the Tamil New Year’s Day. The restaurant is offering a 10-days celebration that  offers three course meal.Dakshin is the result of years of research and trials across the foursouthern states of India, by the team of chefs and culinary experts. This team sourced information and ingredients from noted and celebrated cooks in the region. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Gourmet experts from traditional south Indian communities were invited to sample the dishes as they were being developed resulting in some of the most delectable dishes from the region. The same day is also celebrated as Vishu festival in Kerela  which is considered as the festival of lights and  fireworks. However, Vishu feast or Sadya, which consists of equal proportions of salty, sweet, sour and bitter items is also the most enjoyed part of the festival.   Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixFor enjoying this delicacies by the Malayalees who stay away from their native place, WelcomHotel Sheraton presented the Vishu special thali for lunch. Starting with a welcome drink- more kachiyathu, the thali included kai uperi, chakkarai varatti, saivam payaru thoran, avial, olan, kalan, erussery, parippu thalichathu, kuthari choru (kerala red rice), plain rice, maduram, parippu pradhaman parippu thalichathu and a lot more was also offered.last_img read more

A collection of expression

first_imgThis one’s for the art lovers. A group exhibition titled Inner Konnect Art is being organised in the Capital by three  artists Gaurav Chawla, Ruchi Chadha and Sumita Kathuri. The artists feel that art brings much needed relief and peace into their lives and this show will bring new dimensions into their lives. The viewer not only would have a riot of colours to see, but will be taken to a  journey where they will feel and experience different emotions. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Chawla who mostly paints in acrylic colours gets his inspiration by abstraction in the nature anywhere he see around himself. His art depicts beauty and spiritual connection. Texture and dimension in his works invite contact and extended viewing.  He says, ‘My art is my way of expression of various emotions and I express it with colours. I believe my art has its own language to communicate so to explain my art words are not enough. My chosen visual form of expression, which I call an expression through colour, is universal and does not need any particular linguistic explanation. I compose my thought in lively and vibrant presentation to strike positive spirit’. The artist aims to inspire emotion within the viewer, to allow him/her to feel a powerful connection. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixChadha, is a trained artist and has experimented with a variety of mediums exploring the outer and inner world. She consciously chose to follow the preachings of Buddha which helped her evolve as an artist and this can be observed in her paintings. Painting nature on canvas brings her closer  to God. She has participated in several group shows across  the country and her paintings are held in private collections in India and abroad . She noted, ‘Nature has always been an inspiration for me. The beauty is limitless. Wherever I look , I find a theme or something out of  it that inspires me. I just can’t express my love for nature as it has new facets every day. So you will find the freshness of nature, the richness of colors, serenity, peace and passion in my work’. In this series, Chadha has tried to bring out human emotions and bondings in various situations of life. She aims to bring out a poetic symphony of life.Kathuria has over two decades of experience working in diverse mediums and variety of subjects. She has developed a unique style of work. Her work depicts the experiences that she gets in her daily life, a perspective to everyday life with her unique insight.When: 18 – 24 JulyWhere: Lalit Kala Academy. Rabindra Bhawan, Feroz Shah Road Timing: 11 am to 5 pmlast_img read more

Child shot during panchayat violence brought to Kolkata

first_imgKolkata: A three-year-old child from West Bengal’s Malda district, who was shot in the head during a clash over panchayat board formation last month, was admitted to a hospital here on Sunday. Mrinal Mondal was shot on August 30 during an armed clash between Trinamool Congress (TMC) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) activists in the area. His mother Pitul Mondal won a seat on the panchayat board in Manikchak on a BJP ticket but later decided to move to the TMC. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal life “He has been admitted to the children’s ward of the state-run SSKM Hospital here. His injury is critical. We have conducted a CT scan and kept him under observation,” a doctor at the hospital said. The child’s father said: “The surgeon who initially operated his wounds said his condition is improving. However, he needs to undergo some surgeries. He asked us to take him to Kolkata where better treatment infrastructure is available.”last_img read more