Monarch arrives in Loch Lomond

first_imgThe boat, which was acquired by Cruise Loch Lomond, started its journey on Loch Ness and travelled through Scotland’s waterways before being transported by road to Loch Lomond.Measuring 16.5 m x 5.3 m x 6 m and weighing 50 tonnes, Lomond Monarch was lifted out of the River Leven onto a Nooteboom Manoovr four-axle, double extending steer trailer, and was transported in combination with Galt’s STGO CAT 3 Mercedes tractor unit.The combination travelled through Bonhill, Jamestown and onwards to Balloch, where the boat was lifted and lowered onto Loch Lomond by a mobile crane.Galt Transport specialises in large abnormal loads as well as in lorry mounted cranes, industrial storage and driver training, with a fleet of over 60 trucks and 100 trailers. read more

Solicitors ‘ready to innovate but wary of change’ – SRA survey

first_imgThe majority of ‘legal service providers’ feel they have leadership and culture in their firm to support innovation – but just a quarter have taken the plunge in the past three years.Joint research from the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Legal Services Board was published today showing that 25% of providers have introduced a new or improved service since 2012.The survey of 1,500 organisations, including around 900 law firms, found 80% feel they have the management structure to make innovation possible, with 40% having put in place practical steps to promote new ideas.Solicitors’ firms were found to be more innovative than barristers’ chambers, particularly through extra use of electronic communication with clients and the use of electronic forms and case management systems.Other key areas where providers have changed have been in working on fixed fees, new practice areas and greater use of technology.Almost three-quarters of providers on social media use the platforms to advertise services and provide legal updates or free information, although the direct provision of legal services through social media was uncommon.Speaking at a press briefing ahead of the report’s publication yesterday, LSB chief executive Richard Moriarty said the report reflected a mixed view of firms’ willingness to innovate.‘Very encouragingly innovation is happening out there but there is room for improvement,’ he said. ‘I certainly believe there should be more innovation in the sector to reflect the change in consumer expectation.‘There is unmet legal need and if we are going to tap into that there has to be new ways of structuring and delivering legal services.’The report reflected some interesting attitudes to innovation and how it can be achieved.Solicitor firms appear to be convinced the driver for innovation can be found in-house, with 60% respondents rating the recruitment of non-legal staff as not important.Almost one-quarter (23.6%) of firms regarded regulation as a barrier to innovation, with 17.4% citing a lack of necessary finance. Fewer than one in 10 solicitor firms reported that attitudes among staff or clients were holding back innovation.The report concluded that alternative business structures have had a ‘positive’ effect on innovation and are 13-15% more likely to introduce new legal services.SRA chief executive Paul Philip said alternative business structures had proved more ‘nimble’ in their leadership and ability to make decisions than traditional partnerships.The regulator has granted around 500 licences of which 19 have been linked to firms on the stock market, and Philip admitted the SRA can improve its handling of those entities.‘We spend a lot of due diligence asking who owns law firms,’ he said. ‘We have sorted that out.‘The real issue is can we regulate law firms? We have lots of people who understand the issue. There are other issues we need to develop our skill set in, such as listed [firms]. We are learning as the market learns.’last_img read more

How will autonomous cars change the way we drive?

first_imgAutonomous vehicles are one of the most exciting things in the world of technology right now. What was once a staple of science fiction movies is fast becoming a reality and it is sure to change the way that we drive forever. The technology is still in the early stages and there are a lot of kinks to iron out before they become widespread. There have already been stories of fatal crashes as people have ignored rules that state you must always have two hands on the wheel, regardless of whether the car is driving itself or not. Safety issues are amongst the primary concerns when it comes to driverless cars and governments are moving fast to try to catch up with the technology and put laws in place to prepare us for a time when driving your own car is a thing of the past.But once all of those problems are resolved and we can be sure that the technology is reliable, it won’t be long until autonomous vehicles are everywhere. Conservative estimates predict that they will be widespread in the next few decades, but it could be even sooner than that. So, what does that mean for driving? These are some of the biggest changes that autonomous cars are likely to bring about.Car OwnershipThe issue of whether people will own their own cars or not is still unclear, but a lot of people predict that car ownership will be a thing of the past. Currently, our cars spend the majority of the time sitting in a parking spot, not being used. You use them to drive to work, then they sit all day until you drive home. Then they sit all night until you need it the next morning. You might use it more often at weekends but it is still only a small portion of the time. But an autonomous vehicle doesn’t need to wait for you to come back and operate it. It can drive away and pick somebody else up right away. That’s why people are predicting that car ownership will change and instead of having your own car, you will just order one to pick you up as and when you need it, in the same way that you might use an Uber. There is also potential for a subscription service so you pay a yearly fee for the use of a car. This will mean that there are fewer cars on the road, which is good news in environmental terms. However, not everybody agrees with this and there is an argument that driverless cars will actually increase car ownership for a number of reasons, like instant accessibility, holding personal items in the car, and lower maintenance costs.Car CustomizationCredit: PixabayCar customization is a big industry right now and it’s been growing steadily. People have more access to custom parts online, and access to more information on how to install them. People are also keeping their cars for longer so they’re more likely to apply cosmetic changes like personalised number plates, custom paint jobs, and new body kits, as well as performance upgrades to the engine. But how will that industry be affected when people no longer own their own cars? There is a case to argue that it will die completely because nobody owns a car that they can customize, but that is less than likely. What people are forgetting is that owning and customizing a car is a hobby for a lot of people and, while they might use an autonomous car for their daily driving, those people are likely to own cars still. What is most likely to happen is that car customization will become a more specialist industry and, as parts become more scarce, they will increase in value.It’s also important to consider what will happen if predictions about an increase in car ownership come true. In that case, the car customization industry will boom because there will be more options for upgrading cars, especially when it comes to entertainment systems. When you no longer have to handle the driving, you have a block of time in which you can do other things, and that means that entertainment is likely to become a big part of the driving experience. Nissan has already announced a concept for an augmented reality driving system. In a manually controlled car, this system is focused on safety. It can take data from the sensors on the car and surrounding vehicles and translate them into an augmented reality display, in order to give you more information about the road around you and hopefully, make your driving experience safer. But they also teased some features for autonomous cars as well, like projecting images inside the car. Only time will tell what kind of technology will be implemented in autonomous cars but it is clear that the driving experience will be focused on entertainment and working, as people do on a commute using public transport, and that will mean more customization, not less.InsuranceCredit: PixabayInsurance is another big question that people have about driverless cars and there are two main issues here. Firstly, if the drivers don’t own the cars, are they going to be liable for insurance? If the cars are owned by a company that rents them out, it’s likely that they will be the ones that cover the insurance, so that’s one thing that you won’t have to worry about anymore. The other major issue is, who is liable in the event of a crash? Currently, you can usually find somebody that was to blame for the crash, but if both cars are operated by a computer, how do you decide who is to blame and do the passengers hold any responsibility. This remains one of the biggest question marks around autonomous vehicles.Ethical IssuesThe question of who is liable for the crash is one of the ethical issues surrounding driverless cars, but there are some more serious ones to be dealt with. What happens if a car runs a person down and injures them? Can the passenger in the car be held accountable or will it be the company that owns the car? There is also the question of decision making, and this is the biggest problem that manufacturers face. If the car is faced with the choice of protecting the driver or a pedestrian, will it always choose the driver? How can a piece of software make these difficult ethical decisions?At the moment, we can only speculate about how autonomous vehicles will change the way that we drive, but it is clear that there are a lot of ethical and safety issues to deal with before we find out.last_img read more

[VIDEO] Ironmen warm up for the playoffs with a 62-12 victory over Indianapolis Enforcers

first_img Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. 1 Share Mail Inappropriate / Offensive ENDS IN Displayed poorly (8187) Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. (22) Inappropriate / Offensive (33138) DEAL OF THE DAY Ads by Amazon Displayed poorly Inappropriate / Offensive $0.00 Report a problem This item is… Displayed poorly $14.99 Other (1862) Not relevant Displayed poorly Other × (1461) Add Comments (Max 320 characters) Share Bestseller Other Inappropriate / Offensive Add Comments (Max 320 characters) DEAL OF THE DAY ENDS IN × Bestseller Bestseller $15.29$17.99 × DEAL OF THE DAY Add Comments (Max 320 characters) FOX Sports: Stream live NFL, College Footbal… Bestseller By Steve Gunn and Dave HartLocalSportsJournal.comMUSKEGON – If Saturday night’s game was any indication, the West Michigan Ironmen will be a good bet to advance to the second round of the American Indoor Football league playoffs.Carrington Thompson moves the ball upfield for West Michigan. Photo/Leo ValdezThat’s because the Ironmen beat the Indianapolis Enforcers 62-12 at L.C. Walker Arena in the final game of the regular season. And the Ironmen will host the Enforcers again next Saturday in the divisional round of the playoffs.In three meetings this season, the Ironmen have outscored Indianapolis 167-24.Despite the one-sided nature of the rivalry, Ironmen Coach Nate Smith said it shouldn’t be a problem getting the team pumped up for the rematch with Indy in the playoffs.That’s because the Ironmen are focused on working out the wrinkles in their game, and if they beat the Enforcers next week, the competition will be much tougher in the second round of the playoffs.The Ironmen are now 4-1 on the season, with their only loss coming against undefeated West Virginia, the team they are most likely to face in the second round.“We are playing that one game for the next game,” said Ironmen coach Nate Smith. “We will talk a lot about execution and working on some things we need to work on. We made some mistakes and didn’t play a great game, but we outmanned them. Next week is a prep for the following week.”Ironmen quarterback Alex Carder completed 10 of 13 passes for 184 yards and four touchdowns, plus three carries for six yards and three scores. He also threw two interceptions.Dakota Smith rushed for 36 yards and one touchdown on six carries. Carrington Thompson had three catches for 66 yards and two touchdowns.Alex Carder lines up to throw a pass for West Michigan. Photo/Leo ValdezDefensively, Corey Edwards had one interception while Ryan Armstrong and Kyle Connors each recovered a fumble.GAME SUMMARYFIRST QUARTERWM 12:43 –Carrington Thompson 30 yard catch from Alex Carder (kick good)  WM-7 IND-0IND 10:56- Anthony Headley 45-yard (2-pt failed) WM-7 IND-6WM 2:34–Alex Carder 2-yard run (kick good) WM-14 IND-6WM 0:00– Dakota Smith 5-yard run (kick good) WM-21 IND-6WEST MICHIGAN 21, INDIANAPOLIS 6SECOND QUARTERWM 8:23 – Alex Carder 2-yard run (kick good) WM-28 IND-6WM :28–Carrington Thompson 9-yard catch from Alex Carder (kick good) WM-35 IND-6WM :03 – Dakota Smith 2-yard run (kick failed) WM-41 IND-6WEST MICHIGAN 41, INDIANAPOLIS 6THIRD QUARTERWM 8:56– Daryl Gooden 15-yard catch from Alex Carder (kick good) WM-48 IND-6WM 3:01– Daryl Gooden 19-yard catch from Alex Carder (kick good) WM-55 IND-6WEST MICHIGAN 55, INDIANAPOLIS 6FOURTH QUARTERWM 2:04 – Marcus Smith 35-yard catch from Michael Whitley (kick good) WM-62 IND-6IND 1:09 – Julian Walker 40-yard catch from Tylis Larkin (2-pt failed) WM-62 IND-12WEST MICHIGAN 62, INDIANAPOLIS 12 Other Thank you! 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Ovechkin’s 40th Goal of Season Wins it for Caps

first_imgAfter 40 minutes, things were looking bleak for the Washington Capitals. They were trailing the Winnipeg Jets, 2-1, and were being outplayed and out shot, 30-18. A loss would surely do major damage to any playoff hopes they still had remaining.Luckily for the Caps, Braden Holtby, who was a surprise starter after Michal Neuvirth came down with an illness, was excellent in the cage (34 saves) and kept Washington in it.Then, in the final frame, Washington played one of its’ best 20 minutes of the season totally dominating the Jets on the shot clock, 12-6, and more importantly, 3-0 on the scoreboard to get a much needed 4-2 victory.The win moves the Caps to 26-23-9 (61 points) and keeps them three points out of a playoff spot.Tom Wilson, Alexander Ovechkin, and Troy Brouwer all scored in the third period because the Capitals started moving their feet and going to the net. All four Washington tallies (Brouwer had the first one, as well) were from the Caps crashing the cage. That’s the way you have to score in the NHL because the goalies are so good.The effort in the last period was excellent and makes you wonder why this team can’t do that more often despite some holes in the lineup?Going into the game, the Caps called up rookie defensemen Patrick Wey and Julien Brouillette to replace a demoted Tyson Strachan (sent to Hershey) and a struggling John Erskine. Both of those guys did okay in their almost 15 minutes of ice time together and finished +2. Brouillette made a nice play to set up Wilson’s goal with Wey getting an assist on the tally, too. Those two blue liners played a simple game.Ovechkin’s tally was his 40th of the season after Nicklas Backstrom (1 assist) was decked in the crease. It was a gritty goal and was the game winner. The Gr8 had nine shot attempts and four hits in this tilt in 20:35 of ice time.The first 40 minutes were maddening, though. On the first Jets goal, Karl Alzner misplayed John Carlson’s (25:26 of ice time) pass around the boards and Martin Erat was late in coverage on Bryan Little. That allowed Little to get credit for the tally after Holtby stopped the initial shot following a nice pass from Andrew Ladd. The goal actually went in off of Erat’s skate. The second goal, the only marker of the second period, was even worse as both Washington defensemen were in position with Marcus Johansson skating back as the third forward. For some reason, MJ90 failed to turn around and find the third Jet up the ice, Dustin Byfuglien, and #33 received a pass from Devon Setoguchi in the slot and buried it, top shelf. Johansson, who did have two assists including a sweet feed to Brouwer on the fourth goal, has to be more alert and bear down defensively on those plays. Overall, Washington was a victim of not moving their feet in those first two periods.But somehow they managed to find another gear in the final 20 minutes and save their playoff push, for now. Falling five points back, at this point, might be too much to overcome. They still have a rough road ahead to climb back into a playoff spot, especially if they perform like they did on Tuesday against New York and in the first 40 minutes versus Winnipeg.Bottom line, over the last 24 games the team needs to be much more consistent and skate like they did in the third period if they want to make it into a seventh straight post season.Notes: Connor Carrick and Dmitry Orlov were paired together and played just under 20 minutes of ice time…the Caps won the face off battle, 33-24…Wilson played 8:07 and I’d love to see Coach Adam Oates get him out there on the struggling Caps power play. Washington was 0 for 4 with the man advantage and they could use Wilson’s size and hands to shake things up…the Caps only took one minor penalty, that is a huge step in the right direction given their recent propensity to end up in the sin bin…next up are the New Jersey Devils on Saturday night at 8pm at the Verizon Center.last_img read more