Youth A Gift of Nature

first_imgThese days, with final exams around the corner, I and a couple of more teachers were busy, voraciously ticking and crossing every page insight. But our engrossment suddenly broke when our discipline in-charge stormed in with two teenage boys in the toe. The boys looked extremely dishevelled and bruised at a number of places. M’am (discipline in-charge) warned both the boys sternly and attached yellow warning cards in their diaries and sent them away.Once they left we asked her about the case and she narrated that both the boys were notorious, always got themselves into trouble and are big bullies but zero in studies.Soon the bell rang and my colleagues left the staff room. I was free for another period. But I was in a different mode now, pondering; pen lying motionless on a notebook.Is today’s youth directionless? Do they not know how to use their strengths and skills in a positive manner? What would happen to those two boys, who had immense energy and must surely have some skills, but were academically weak?  Don’t they have any future? Is it required that academic performance would give a guarantee of ample bread and butter or else languish in the shadows of back gullies of the rich and powerful?We are the people who are in the ’30s and ’40s of our age, the working force of India. We have toiled, climbed the ladder the hard way. But we could be the sculptors of tomorrow’s workforce who are in their teens and are not at all restful. They want to try something new, they want to work but not just the rote way, which still happens in today’s schools.Where most of the countries of the world are facing a human resource crunch, we are a country with no shortage of human resource, but to our great dismay, we are not focusing on turning this youth into a workforce with great skill.The first and foremost reason is unemployment. Even after having such a large population, there is a scarcity of jobs. A huge percentage of youth is jobless.Our country lacks in skilled labour as well, the skill India movement started by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is indeed a very welcome movement, as the percentage of skilled labour in India in comparison to other countries is very low.The reason behind the low skill level is, of course, our country’s inadequate education system.The education which we are providing today to our children is just an eyewash. We are not preparing them for the outside world, where they have to earn their bread and butter. We are not giving them an education which they can use to gain a job or start a business.It is a common perception of most of the parents all around India, leaving aside few metropolitan cities (states of U.P., MP, Bihar the most) that there are only three professions which a child should take up. Engineer, doctor or a government job (IAS). These are the three most coveted jobs in India. A job or a business of a carpenter, mechanic, plumber, electrician or any other profession or small business is looked down upon. We do not have the dignity of labour.Another grave issue faced by the Indian youth is, today’s colleges and universities have become breeding grounds of riots, provoked and engineered by politicians for their elections.A politician should be a role model, guide, moulding hand, but it is not so in India, indeed this is a very unhappy situation that our youth do not have any political ideals. They are just a bunch of selfish people, ready to devour the power of youth in whatever way possible, and most of the ways are wrong. Yes! One shining star is there, our Prime Minister but why can’t we have more such people?We should never give up hope. We should be our own sculptors and look for new avenues for our children. Each and every individual of our country should consider it as his or her own duty, to help the young children of our families and friends to help set up businesses, find new options, and teach them the value of skills, as everybody cannot be an academic topper. Then we do not require a nation full of academic toppers but a nation which is full of artistes, sportspersons, leaders, philosophers and also skilled masons, craftsman, weavers, mechanics and businessmen.Again I would like to remind our Prime Minister’s other movement namely Make in India. He has recognised the need of the hour and has rightly shown us the way. Now we need to take it to our homes.last_img read more