Increased crime rate in Region 2 disturbing

first_imgDear Editor,The crime rate in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) is always far lower than in most other administrative regions but recently one of the Station Districts, Aurora Police Station, that runs from Supenaam to Pomona and including the Supenaam Creek, there has been a significant increase in crime although not indictable in nature, but still very much disturbing, and it is interesting to note that most of the reports are from the Good Hope-Supenaam area, an area that is terms of distance and population amounts to about one/fifth the length and population respectively.The residents are concerned about the response time by the Police and also the action taken. Of late there are several instances where the victims have to go to the Police Station repeatedly to get the Police to visit the crime scene, and by which time the suspect would in many instances leave the area.Of concern also to the people is that at times, especially after 20:00h, visiting the Station to make a report, you would be told to come back in the morning – when the Sergeant comes. The rank would also tell you that is he alone at the Station and he cannot leave.I don’t know the authorised or actual strength of that Station, but I rather suspect that they are woefully short. Being an ex-Policeman, I can remember when the thickness of the wall used to separate where the Subordinate in Charge of that Station used to live and where the other rank used to live, the Barrack Room, and unmarried ranks had to live at the Station, and although your turn of duty may be eight hours, you are on call 24 hours per day, seven days a week unless the doctor recommend otherwise.Gone are the days where a Constable use to be given a bicycle allowance for him to respond promptly to crime scenes, serve summons to defendants and witnesses, and execute warrants, among other things.Now-a-days the ranks don’t leave the station, unless the victim or the person making the report provide transportation for them whether by road or river.Yes, time has changed. Is it for the better of the worse?Regards,Archie Cordislast_img read more