Pepsi creates plastic bottle from 100 plant material

first_imgRegardless of your preference for Pepsi or Coca-Cola, if you buy it in bottles then that isn’t great for the environment. The petroleum-based plastic used to create them can take decades to breakdown and can’t easily be recycled.Coca-Cola has already started experimenting with using renewable material in its bottles which make up around 30% of each bottle. But Pepsi has gone a step further and managed to make a new plastic bottle consisting of only plant materials, therefore breaking the link and reliance on petroleum.The new bottles use a mix of switch grass, pine bark, corn husks, and a number of other renewable materials. Importantly, Pepsi has managed to make the new bottle indistinguishable from the old one so it will have no impact on marketing or brand recognition. It has done this by matching the molecular stucture of the old bottles using the plant materials, so not only does it look the same, but it has the same feel and strength.The best news is for the environment, though. Pepsi produces billions of bottles every year and starting in 2012 they will begin moving over to renewable bottle production that’s 100% recyclable. Eventually all Pepsi bottles will be made of plant materials.Anyone worried about Pepsi running out of these plant materials used to produce so many bottles shouldn’t be. The design of the bottle allows for other plant materials including orange peel, potato peel and oat hulls to be used as alternatives in the mix. Other plant material types are also being considered making for a very versatile plastic material that could certainly be used in other industries.Read more at the Pepsi press release, via NZ Herald Newslast_img read more