iOS 5 already being fieldtested by Apple and ATT

first_imgAs if today’s news of the white iPhone 4 finally being available wasn’t enough to assuage the addiction for Apple news, rumors are buzzing today that Apple’s upcoming iOS, iOS 5, is being tested out in the open.FutureTap, an App Store developer who created the augmented-reality map app WhereTo?, told 9to5Mac that it has received its first crash report from an iOS 5 device. This means that Apple is currently field-testing iOS 5, which will one day run on the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad.9to5Mac received a screenshot of a crash report of a device running the new iOS from FutureTap. “MKUserLocationBreadCrumb” was mentioned in the report. Developer Will Strafach told 9to5mac that “the API relates to the iOS maps and location functionality”. This could mean that Apple is changing some its maps and locations APIs, which could have caused problems with the map-based app built for iOS 4, hence FutureTap receiving the crash report. Perhaps this bit of information could allude to Google Maps Navigation being introduced into iOS 5.FutureTap also sent 9to5Mac a screen shot of a crash report that showed four out of five of its hits coming from AT&T, which leads us to believe that AT&T is also testing the upcoming operating system. One of the five hits came from a first generation iPad, which means iOS 5 will work on older models, not just the new iPhone 5 which is said to be released in the fall.iOS 5 is said to be revealed at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference in June.More at 9to5maclast_img read more