Galaxy Note 3 benchmark leaks fails to beat the Galaxy S4

first_imgA benchmark score for the Galaxy Note 3 has leaked ahead of its reveal at Samsung Unpacked 2013 event. If Samsung has doctored the number this time, they’ve gone in the wrong direction.The Galaxy Note 3 scored lower than a stock Galaxy S4, a phone that’s been on sale since April. The pre-release AnTuTu score posted by @evleaks shows a result of 24,497, more than a thousand points below what some GS4 owners have reported on their phones.Perhaps more worryingly for Samsung, the LG G2 positively trounces Galaxy Note 3. Early scores from LG’s upcoming flagship hover around the 30,000 mark.Maybe Samsung has gotten a bit gun shy in the wake of the GS4 benchmark manipulation controversy. Then again, maybe these aren’t legitimate numbers. Maybe they’ve been leaked by someone else to try and take the wind out of Samsung’s [email protected] is one of the more reputable publishers of leaked information on the Twittersphere, however. He’s posted innumerable leaked press images that turned out to be genuine, so if he’s shared this benchmark screenshot it’s safe to assume he thinks it’s legit.With the Galaxy Note 3 packing a quad-core chip that’s reportedly clocked at 2.3GHz, however, the AnTuTu score is surprisingly low. Until Samsung puts the Note in the hands of the tech press, we won’t know what the real story is.Benchmark scores can vary widely, too. The same Galaxy S4 that scored nearly 26,000 one run could score 23,000 or less in a subsequent run. Ultimately, looking at a device’s benchmark scores only tells a small part of the story.Whatever the Galaxy Note 3 scores in AnTuTu, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be a top-tier device just like the Galaxy Note 2 was. We’ll find out exactly what makes it one this week after Samsung Unpacks it.last_img read more