5 scary strategy mistakes to avoid in 2012

first_imgThe Harvard Business Review has an excellent piece by Joan Magretta, who recently finished a two-year project looking at Michael Porter’s most important insights for managers. She has identified 5 really dangerous strategy mistakes that are absolutely worth sharing.Mistake #1. Confusing marketing with strategy.Marketing gives you insights into people’s needs, but it doesn’t tell you how to deliver that value in a distinctive way. That’s strategy.Mistake #2. Confusing competitive advantage with “what you’re good at.”Don’t get too inward-looking. Just because you do something well doesn’t mean that makes you special. Mistake #3: Pursuing size above all else, because if you’re the biggest, you’ll be more profitable.General Motors was the world’s largest car company for a period of decades, a fact that didn’t prevent its descent into bankruptcy. You don’t need to be big. Just big enough. Being the biggest food bank or pet shelter is not a strategy – nor does it mean you’re achieving your mission in a successful or sustainable way.Mistake #4. Thinking that “growth” or “reaching $1 billion in revenue” is a strategy.“Don’t confuse strategy with actions (grow, acquire, divest, etc.) or with goals (reach X billion in sales, Y share of market). Porter’s definition: the set of integrated choices that define how you will achieve superior performance in the face of competition,” says Magretta.Mistake #5. Focusing on high-growth markets, because that’s where the money is.Growth is no guarantee that the industry will be profitable. Think this doesn’t apply to us? It does! Chasing grants or funders is an example of running after the money. That’s not strategy – and it can often hurt our core performance and the health of our organization.What’s your strategy in 2012? Are you avoiding these pitfalls?last_img read more

Patrick Brazeau allegedly hit spat and groped woman court documents

first_imgAPTN National NewsIt was an on-going dispute over his handling of Aboriginal issues that led to suspended Sen. Patrick Brazeau allegedly assaulting and groping a woman according to court documents.The alleged victim told police she didn’t support Brazeau’s stance on Aboriginal issues and after a two-day dispute he ordered her to leave his Gatineau home says a search warrant executed Feb. 7.It’s alleged in the warrant Brazeau, 38, ripped up a bra and shirt that the woman was holding on to as she tried to pack her bags. He then grabbed her breasts and pulled her pants down hard enough to break the button and zipper police allege. He also allegedly pushed her hard enough to break a staircase railing.When she tried to call 911 she alleges he hit her and police documented she had visible injuries.She told police later that Brazeau spat in her face while insulting her.Brazeau has pleaded not guilty and none of the allegations have been proven in court. He is on bail after posting $1,000.The Algonquin senator has been outspoken against the Idle No More movement and especially Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence.Brazeau was appointed to the Senate in 2008 by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He was suspended with pay pending the outcome of his legal matters.His next court date is March 22.last_img read more