The puppet game of politics

first_imgPolitics is deception, a shell game, what you see is what those handling the reigns want you to see. The common people are puppets who dance to the tunes of politicians. It is painful how these puppeteers slyly slip away every time they see the slightest chance of facing public scrutiny and judicial cross-examination. Time and again opportunities of bringing these puppeteers in the limelight come across but alas this daunting task never gets executed to finality.One such opportunity presented itself in the form of the infamous gangster Vikas Dubey. Not beating about the bush I’ll straight away ask – did this gangster manage to escape the bars for more than 25 years even after committing a plethora of crimes all by him? Evidently no, he had connections with the puppeteers who pulled the necessary strings. For more than 25 years this gangster remained unscathed, no one dared to point a finger at him, no one dared to bring out the skeletons hidden in his closet all due to the favour and blessings of the ones above.It disgusts yet astonishes me at the same time to imagine how corrupt, hollow and rotten must be our system to encourage such criminals in their acts of sin by turning a blind eye; for their personal gains which apparently held more importance than national interest for these criminals were tools used excessively in their own shell game. Leaving aside the 62 recorded cases, I wonder about the cases which went by unrecorded. Terror reigned and flourished for decades in a ‘law-abiding’, democratic country by feeding on power from the very system which was meant for uprooting it.This is the reason why a ‘Vikas Dubey’ with a beating heart and functional brain would have been a huge asset to this nation. He held the power to bring the ones lurking in the shadows in the nation’s scrutiny. He could have been the key to unlock the dark secrets which tainted the lives of so many people. Alas, this key is now lost forever. As I earlier pointed out no matter how tight the noose prepared for them, the puppeteers slip away even if it means removing their favourite puppet from the puppet show by permanently cutting its strings.This brings me to certain questions- was this actually an encounter or was it another puppet show? Will the investigation initiated to probe the authenticity of this encounter be a genuine one or will it also be another puppet show? Will this game of deception end? Well, to answer the last question, no, the game of deception never ends because, with the numerous proofs which raise questions on the authenticity of this encounter even if this encounter proves to be a fake one, the puppeteers face no real threat because their secrets were cremated along with the remains of Vikas Dubey.last_img read more