Equality & dignity

first_imgThe core of our Constitution is spiritual.  Equality / Dignity signify profound import.  Their opposite is Miniature servant & slave mentality.  Architects of our constitution have witnessed the suppression of freedom in colonial rule; hence advocated the 2 virtuous terms, not so easy to define nor comprehensively describe.Every human being arrives on earth with a purpose.  Each one has a heart, a pair of lungs, limbs, etc.  It is not a human product that arrives here neatly packed in flesh & bone – there is much more to it – the innate spirit, that distinguishes mankind from the rest of the species.  Role-plays evolve in due course.  Spirituality doesn’t discriminate – superior/inferior labels are born out of mundane levels.  Our Constitution supports such a broad-based non-discriminatory approach.Few are born with a silver spoon in aristocrat family.  Inherited genes evolving atmosphere play crucial parts in moulding a human – on roleplays.  Some are gifted with maths ingenuity – few on music melody – poetry – painting – philosophy – physical capability – versatility – and so on.  Everyone has some hidden potential/s.  No human is a waste.  Innumerable invisible subtle equations shape a human.  Few become doctors, engineers, architects, singers, businessmen, and of course politicians too.  Many are slated to be in ordinary routine role-plays of life.  Society recognizes gifted individuals; their role-plays help their co-existing ordinary mortals in sharing & caring spirit, innate in mankind – a social animal.  Equality doesn’t refer to attributes acclaims, but to the right to live in peace and harmony, whatever be the role-play on hand.Are we out of the sediments of our colonial era – slave/servant mentality in decades?It all begins in school.  Tender kids are neatly packed in uniforms – go to school – told to follow teacher/s; learn this and that by-heart.  Freedom in playful moods is replaced by a highly regulated environ.  Parental pressure makes them feel that the academic world is real – it will decide their worth and future.  Few good schools recognize the joyful playful phase natural in tender kids – they play along for a while and try to arouse curiosity in them – more than imposing inputs forced down their throat.  Many schools are mechanical entities – ‘obedience’ is a must – rote memory gets significance – little scope, ways & means to identify their hidden potentials, innate gifts at such tender moulding phase.  Exams mark not so scientific on learning curves assume excessive dominance.  They sap the innate vitality, anxiety develops at such a tender age.Politics has degenerated so much – now they are unable to wriggle out of vicious cycles born out of their vested interests urge to be in limelight & win polls.  Quota conundrums is a classic example.  It suits politicos/banners to have flocks of followers rather than those who can think & ask questions.  Is Neta-worship cult a booster of creativity? ‘First, learn to obey, then only you can command’ – such sermons aren’t healthy.  If much military personnel are observed, they are fine-tuned either to receive or give commands. They find it rather difficult to fit into the outside world – discipline is another issue.   True, unless one submits to a mentor, guide, acquiring knowledge/skills is difficult to grab.  Submissiveness is a voluntary function – out of humility and awe, inspiration to the mentor/master.  Obedience is rather a commanded trait.  In freeland of the progressive world, there is no need to ‘obey’ or ‘command’, but carry on with role-plays on hand.  In vibrant organizations, say MNCs, the work culture is not one of blind obedience, but of freedom to perform in a congenial atmosphere – to tap max in cohesive human excellence. Untouchability is banned – yet caste/creed type of taboos prevail at large, apart from gender bias.  We are stuck up with some type of opinionated dogmatic discriminatory ways – often unconsciously – this group is good, that one is bad, etc., thanks to politicization/polarization craftiness.  Look at the multiple cadres of Govt. ‘servants’ in the admin hierarchy; are we out of woods of colonial commanding days of slavery?  Many of our systems/processes are inherited directly or indirectly from such olden days. Genuine service reach out to the needy/deprived lots out of love/concern is on a higher plane, not on remuneration but self-less benign love/spirit towards fellow citizens – today NGO/voluntary service concept itself is under the scanner of political rule – for obvious reasons.  It has become a fashion to call oneself as a ‘Servant’ not a glorified term at all in the true spirit, more so when on fat remuneration and netas getting fabulous perks clouts, all tax-free.  When one wears the attire of ‘public servant’, he/she creates envisions huge chunks of fellow humans, who tend to become dependent on such ‘servants’ – our ‘neta’ & ‘babu’ is so great and powerful, we will be taken due care of, get regular spoon-feeds, some concessions, compromises, etc. that strike at the root of human co-existence in DIGNITY.  Are human beings homogenous products – push overs – pawns to be at the mercy of such glorified public servants? In advanced progressive nations, they don’t bother much when their national Tops travel or pass through – it is applied nationalism/patriotism, everyone knows his role-play cut – in stark contrast to what we see here! Today 7 decades after independence, are we truly independent? No wonder, not a single invention/innovation/path-breaking reform, has come out of our soil in decades.  How can creativity bloom, in such servant/slave mentality – stereotypes copy-cats bhakt/troll gangs etc. are incapable of any such achievement.  Will politicos on top ever introspect & mend their ways? Not an easy question at all!last_img read more