The iPhone wall climbing car iW500 also works on ceilings

first_imgKids are always trying to “one-up” their friends. How many times have you heard something like “Well my model car is better than your model car!“? The Wall Climbing Car, a new toy on the market, will make sure your kid definitely wins the bragging contest. I mean, come on; this car can literally race up walls. However, the car is controlled by an iOS device, so this toy may actually be geared more towards the older kids.According to manufacturer iHelicopter, the iPhone Controlled Wall Climbing Car iW500 is an RC Car that works by “using the opposite principle of the hovercraft and creates a sealed vacuum between itself and the wall or ceiling.” You just turn the car on, stick it on the wall, and then control it using an iPhone app. The car even allows you to drive on the undersides of tables and ceilings, as long as the surface is smooth. Sounds like this car won’t work very well on the popcorn ceilings.As impressive as the wall-climbing part of the car is, it also works as a normal race car by turning off the vacuum function. The car can be controlled by iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch after downloading the app from the App Store and plugging the IR transmitter into the dock connector. You can control the car with the iPhone’s gyroscope as well as onscreen controls. The app can connect to three bands, which means you can use three Wall Climbing Cars in the same room and race them against each other. Even cooler, the car’s headlights and taillights both work, so you can play in the dark.The cars will run you $59.95 a piece. Check out the video below to see the iPhone Controlled Wall Climbing Car iW500 in action.Read more at iHelicopterlast_img read more