How to manage the clerk

since hired employees, want to make these employees really play their role, naturally also need to do a good job in the management of the relevant staff. Heng Sheng Yuan light supermarket shop is located in Yunxiao County Pu Mei Zhen Bao Cheng Lu Yuan primary school southeast side, hisunny Trading Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive supermarket enterprises at the county level in Fujian province took the lead in introducing the "one-stop shopping". Heng Sheng supermarket light shop radiation surrounding 4 communities, nearly 2800 community residents, the car to the car to the consumer in an endless stream, flourishing business to let the manager of 2017 full of confidence and expectations. read more

Toon grow cabbage leaves suspected physiological disease

Chun Shu long vegetables, the first time I heard that. This morning, Zhengzhou residents came to the ruins of a future road and the intersection of the southeast corner of the Fuyuan Road in search of wild herbs, is a wall beside a few small toon shocked: small toon actually grow cabbage leaves, leaves with different no..

really false? The public called friends and guards, and soon, the people around the crowd to come. Reporters on the scene saw the small branches of the tree xiangchunshu meter high really has a shiny bright water vegetables. Green vegetables and Shanghai looks similar to the green, oval leaves, as well as white vegetables, smooth surface. But the real toon leaves are pointed, the surface is blue. Is it a trick? Reporter broke down a leaf to see, it is a tree long. In the tree there are four trees beside the small toon, toon, the highest is five meters high. Far look lush. read more

Zhu Peijun venture to do a good job to make a lot of money tutor

success to make money, this may be the goal of any entrepreneur. However, in our real life, because of a variety of reasons, leading entrepreneurs to obtain the success of the cause of history, not to mention the money. But as long as we choose the right business opportunities, while willing to work hard to make money can become a reality. Here, Xiaobian introduce Zhu Peijun successful entrepreneurial case for everyone.

7 years ago, Zhu Peijun left "a secure job" to start a business, first because of the wrong venture, he owed $about 200000 in debt. The second venture, Zhu Peijun choice tutoring and because of the "11 family" and other special services, to the rapid development of the company, he is now involved in the training market, the company annual turnover of 1 million yuan. read more

Seven strokes teach you the correct choice of restaurant chains

catering industry profits, but for those who have no experience, want to enter the food and beverage industry, the choice of chain stores is more reliable. At present, China’s franchise operation is in the stage of rapid development, opportunities and risks coexist. How to choose a good food chain franchise business has become the key to the success of the franchise chain restaurant chain. The following seven strokes teach you the right choice of restaurant chains.

restaurant chain franchise
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Small investment profit ten large rural projects, case recommended for you

      each entrepreneur’s ideas are not the same, of course, each industry is also the object of their consideration, but now, there are easy to make money a good project? Entrepreneurship is the first thing to do is to do what kind of small investment big return? This problem has plagued many entrepreneurs. In the choice of small investment projects when you want to have a better direction, the choice of small investment big return join it. This is now more popular business model has been recognized and loved by the majority of entrepreneurs, is a small investment in the return of the road on the way to help. read more

How to convince VC

how to convince VC you? With good ideas, you need to take action. Personal ability is very small, how to make good idea was recognized by others, how to let them build this project? Please discuss this problem with the small series!

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