Western coal gas action to implement fast

Recently, the reporter from the key project West District supervision meeting was informed that this year, the west area of coal gas work smoothly, so far, 3 coal gas units have been demolished coal-fired boilers, the remaining few agreed to actively cooperate with the overall transformation, and signed a construction contract with Gas Co.

it is understood that the coal gas to increase publicity and guidance, continuously improve the public awareness of the use of clean energy, protect the environment and other aspects of great significance in the west area, play the masses, environmental protection supervisors patrol role, widely mobilize the masses to support and participate in coal gas remediation work, enhance the awareness of environmental protection, the formation of the whole society manage together for good atmosphere, to ensure the smooth progress of the work of coal to gas.  
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Two sections of the province’s abundant supply of goods and basic price stability


commerce system arrangements, by increasing the reserves of important commodities transport organizations, meat and vegetables, to carry out a series of activities to promote consumption, strengthen market monitoring and supervision and other effective measures, and strive to do a good job in 2014 New Year’s day, Spring Festival market supply.

at present, the province’s holiday market is fully prepared, adequate supply of goods, variety, price stability. It is understood that the Xining Wangfujing department store, department store and other 10 key cross circulation organization of nearly 600 million yuan of supply of goods, commodity varieties reached 30 thousand; the major supermarkets, and businesses to replenish the supply, increase rice, flour and oil market supply; Zhang Qinghai Xinyuan group meat dish company, animal products company every day to the market to provide cold meat and fresh pork for about 2000 head, Xining Roca, Qinghai Bay livestock products market and other enterprises can supply the market daily Yutai 3000 cattle and sheep (only); the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center for fruits and vegetables should be increased, the daily supply capacity has reached 1300 tons, hundreds of varieties. At the same time, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce to increase efforts to increase vegetable transporting vegetables every day, the volume of 300 tons, 100 thousand tons of vegetables this winter and spring transportation plan (including 10 thousand tons of poultry). Golmud is also in the near future to increase the intensity of transport, the average daily transportation of vegetables, fruits and other more than and 100 tons from Dunhuang, Jiuquan and other regions. read more

This year there will be more than 58 thousand people holding a bowl

February 7th, reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department learned that in 2014 the province’s new urban jobs will be in more than 58 thousand people, the office will be in employment, social security, personnel construction as the focus, to make contributions to the building of our province to improve people’s livelihood "upgrade".

it is understood that in 2014 the province’s 58 thousand new urban jobs, the registered urban unemployment rate of less than 3.8%, the transfer of agricultural and pastoral labor force of 1 million people, college graduates employment rate of more than 85%. Training around the provincial government on the adjustment of economic structure, urbanization, ecological protection and construction, reduce excess capacity and other major work arrangements, annual urban and rural two or three industry training 75 thousand people, a production training 60 thousand people, the implementation of employment of college graduates special training more than 5 thousand people, to enhance labor skills and employment quality. The social security system more perfect, basic pension, basic medical care, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance number reached 900 thousand people, 1 million 660 thousand people, 540 thousand people, 392 thousand and 100 people and 430 thousand people, residents of urban and rural social pension insurance rate reached 94%, some indicators continue to walk in the forefront of the country or the west. To promote the reform of the classification of public institutions, strengthen the examination open recruitment efforts; the inherent law of in-depth study of the wages of migrant workers began work, in conjunction with the relevant departments coordinated operations, earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of labor; to strengthen self construction, promote the comprehensive and basic work to a new level. read more

Rural beauty drunk Xining village green work fully completed

2008, Xining City, the new rural construction of green village work is fully completed, more than ten thousand trees and flowers to effectively improve the rural ecological environment, enhance the level of village green landscape.

in 2008, with the north project of building a new socialist countryside county pilot project in Xining City, to carry out the work of rural village greening in Xining three counties and suburbs, focusing on the implementation of the 20 pilot village greening work, the construction of new rural village green completed. read more

Xining City West District focus on urging 41 units to transform coal-fired boilers

This year, Xining City West District focus on supervision of 41 companies and 40 units of 40.51 tons of steam boiler to complete the transformation of governance work, covering the area of natural gas pipeline network refused to remove coal-fired boiler and chimney of administrative compulsory removal, reduce dust pollution, increase the number of days of good air, allowing the general public to breathe fresh air. Recently, the west district air pollution control joint law enforcement brigade on the area of regular public bath, bath, bath and other 4 baths do not meet the environmental requirements of coal-fired boilers in accordance with the law, the implementation of the seizure of 4. (author: Su Jianping, Xi Tao) read more

Three years of Qinghai province fiscal year 54 million to optimize the layout of Xining Education

  Finance recently issued 17 million yuan of special funds to support Xining city of Huangchuan middle school, Xiao Quan primary school, twenty-first

school relocation and expansion project implementation.

it is understood that the primary and secondary schools and vocational schools in Xining have different levels of educational structure. Primary

lack of resources, the amount of school class is too large, the size of the existing primary school in Xining city layout and scale can not meet the needs of population growth read more

Xining City, the first colorful music season in Xining

this past weekend, the central square every day is good even some singing, the morning of October 20th, just 330 lovers walking from here to participate in happy walk hiking, turn to 20 pm and 21 PM, there are from Qinghai who sing good voice here, let the public feast. This is the city government sponsored by the District Committee and the district area in the city to celebrate the eighteen autumn winter tourism activities, it is not only for the public to send a wonderful cultural feast, but also let Xining in autumn and winter because of its beautiful vivid. read more

WeChat bargain free cell phone Flicker!

Please forward, I can get a free iPhone6S." Recently, similar to WeChat bargain to win iphone6S news was forwarded by a lot of WeChat users. As long as the move a finger, inviting WeChat friends bargain, there is a chance to get a free iphone6S. The sky will really fall pie?

This year 17 thousand and 700 students will be charged

this year, the province’s employment of college graduates overall stability, but the task is still arduous. In order to further accelerate the employment of Vocational and technical secondary school graduates, the provincial government recently launched the implementation of the employment of unemployed college graduates employment training project". June 21st, the reporter interviewed the provincial human resources and social security department director Yang Yi, to carry out special employment training project conducted in-depth interviews. read more