This year 17 thousand and 700 students will be charged

this year, the province’s employment of college graduates overall stability, but the task is still arduous. In order to further accelerate the employment of Vocational and technical secondary school graduates, the provincial government recently launched the implementation of the employment of unemployed college graduates employment training project". June 21st, the reporter interviewed the provincial human resources and social security department director Yang Yi, to carry out special employment training project conducted in-depth interviews.

reporter: the current employment situation of college graduates in China, what are the difficulties and problems?

Yang Yi: from the current master of the situation, in 2013 the provincial college graduates 13859 people, college students in Qinghai membership to about 6000 people, plus previous employment of college students is the college students more than 3 thousand and 800 people, 23 thousand and 700 people, a record high, the employment pressure is unprecedented. In view of this situation, the provincial government advance planning, careful arrangements, to overcome the difficulties, overall dispatch, a substantial increase in this year’s position in our province into the unit system, civil service examination and recruitment business batches, total; at the same time, each unit, each enterprise needs a positive trend, 5 months ago, only through the talent exchange center, the province occupation center and other institutions provide college education up to 9200 jobs.

also want to see, is influenced by many factors, the current employment of college graduates in our province is also facing some contradictions and problems: one is the last few years will be a dramatic increase in the number of college graduates during the peak period, an estimated 24 thousand people in the province each year, the contradiction between supply and demand will be rigid and continuous; two is the problem specialty and market demand does not match the increasingly prominent, accounting for only 23% of engineering students at present enterprises need graduates, "contradictions difficult to recruit people" and the "employment" at the same time; three is the market lack of absorptive capacity, according to the survey, at present the enterprise is the most urgent needs of primary and intermediate especially suitable for senior technicians college graduates jobs is less than 10%, there is a point of economic growth can not be transformed into the contradiction of employment growth; four is the employment expectations of college graduates value is too high, weight of organs Light business enterprises, heavy state-owned light non-public, heavy local light provinces, job selection is more common contradiction behind employment.

reporter: in speeding up the employment of college graduates, why should carry out special employment training projects?

Yang Yi: practice shows that in order to fundamentally solve the employment problem of college graduates, solve the contradiction of employment, the key is to further enhance the ability and quality, focus on Further Strengthening the occupation skills, to further enhance the core competition ability of employment.

reporter: the implementation of secondary vocational school graduates employment training project is very necessary, and the main task of the work is what?

Yang Yi: implementation of unemployed college graduates special employment training project, on the whole should adhere to the "workers choosing their own jobs and the market regulating employment and the government promoting employment and entrepreneurship" policy, with market demand as the guidance, to improve the quality of skills as the core, to achieve stable employment as the goal;

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