Qinghai airport continued construction of new projects in full bloom


13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, Qinghai Airport Co., against all odds, comprehensive opened at top speed, the province regional airport construction projects, to ensure that the Guoluo airport in July to invest 270 million yuan to complete the navigation; Golmud Airport flight and terminal building, Qilian Airport invest 420 million yuan to complete the flight main body area and terminal area engineering; reply as soon as possible, Xining airport three and the Qinghai Lake airport project, at the same time to carry out Jigzhi airport site work.

year’s plan is in spring. In the face of tight time, heavy task of the actual, Qinghai Airport Co., Ltd. scientific organization, reasonable construction, go all out to promote the construction of regional airports. In order to ensure that the airport to Golog navigation, the company based on the winter without downtime, in accordance with the ending of engineering construction and the external program "two synchronous, correct way, hand concentrate on fine construction, strengthen the supervision and inspection to ensure timely completion of finishing work; increase the coordination of government, industry and professional organizations and other airlines one by one, one by one on the link, departments implement, accelerate project approval procedures. Currently, the airport terminal refined decoration engineering and equipment installation project is nearing completion, the relevant preparatory work before the flight test has been basically completed.

3 early in the month, Golmud Airport expansion and construction of the new Qilian Airport projects have resumed. In coordination with several Northwest Civil Aviation Administration completed major projects bidding work at the same time, the company actively to the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Finance and the provincial development and investment company report for construction funds, allocated 200 million yuan of funds to Qilian Airport, Huatugou Airport funded 69 million yuan, regional Airport outside the power supply facilities gap of 1 million 630 thousand yuan of funds, so as to ensure the the project funds in place.

currently, Golmud Airport expansion project staff dormitory and restaurant project is handed over in mid March, air traffic control building, central substation, terminal area layout and pipe network engineering construction, terminal construction project is stepping up its construction design; construction units Qilian Airport expansion approach, terminal area excavation and fill construction. In March, Golog, Golmud and Qilian Airport have formed the real project, a total investment of 12 million yuan.

in accordance with the relevant planning, "13th Five-Year" period, the construction of a rational layout, complete functions, structured, safe and efficient civil airport system in our province. Then, three Xining airport and Golmud Airport expansion project, the new project of Qinghai Lake, Jigzhi airport, Qilian Airport extension project will be put into use.


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