The province’s rural drinking water safety consolidation to enhance the construction of the national

, a reporter from the Qinghai provincial development and Reform Commission learned through communication and coordination, recently our province has implemented national central budget subsidies to invest 80 million yuan for rural drinking water safety in the province in 2016 to strengthen the promotion of engineering construction, focusing on the standard is low, the small scale has been modified and built water supply engineering support, upgrades, and networking water conservation and water quality protection etc..

for the full implementation of the central government on the implementation of rural drinking water safety project to strengthen the promotion of decision-making arrangements, to consolidate the achievement of rural drinking water safety, is not repeated, I prepared in accordance with the requirements of national province completed the "Qinghai province" in 13th Five-Year to consolidate and improve the rural drinking water safety "project planning", 2016 6 menstrual approved by the provincial government issued. The project will become an important measure to promote our province poverty alleviation, will effectively solve the national participatory poor villages and poor households and poor safety problems of drinking water, drinking water safety in poor areas of expertise to do.

provincial development and Reform Commission relevant responsible person said, the next will be with the provincial water conservancy departments to strengthen and consolidate and improve the leadership of the organization of rural drinking water safety project implementation work, insist on building mechanism, after construction, pay close attention to the implementation of various construction conditions, promote the project started as soon as possible, the formation of physical quantities and the early completion of the benefit.


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