Xining plastic limit campaigns to confiscate about 600000 unqualified plastic bags

improve the "plastic limit", recently, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau carried out clean-up remediation of the city’s retail establishments sale and use of plastic shopping bags, confiscated about 600000 unqualified plastic bags.


in each market, supermarkets, shopping malls, property management of vegetable households actively promote limited production, limit the sale, limit the use of ultra-thin plastic bags of the relevant laws and regulations, to guide the operators to abide by the relevant provisions of the state, not into, not, not, not sell ultra-thin plastic shopping bags. At the same time strict market access, the application for the establishment or change in the scope of its business scope involved in the production and sale of plastic shopping bags business entities in strict accordance with the law review. The establishment of long-term mechanism of shopping malls, supermarkets, inspect the commodity trading market sale and use of plastic shopping bags situation, give full play to the "12315" network, to promote the "12315" into the market, into the community, into the supermarket, in time to receive and handle consumer complaints and reports on plastic shopping bags. The "plastic limit" special rectification activities of the Communist Party of China dispatched law enforcement personnel 1732 people (Times), check the commodity retailing places 1845, 16478 households (Times), investigated 9 cases, confiscated 611 thousand and 800 unqualified plastic bags.


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