New city spanning to promote the charm of Xining

In August 6th, the Central People’s Broadcasting Station Chinese voice, the voice of Hongkong radio station in Hongkong, Chinese mainland and Hong Kong and Macao 25 stations jointly launched the large-scale live program "new leap forward" into the Xining City, in the city of Xining radio and television studio broadcast "new city across the great beauty of Qinghai, the charm of Xining". Deputy secretary, mayor Wang Yubo in the program on behalf of the people of all ethnic groups in the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao to promote the audience of Xining.

show, Wang Yubo as Xining City, introduced a building more and more to the audience, mountain more green, water cleaner, the sky bluer, more and more livable and beautiful city environment in Xining. At the same time, Wang Yubo also made out of Xining "COOL" city of publicity, he said: "Xining has a unique climate and tourism resources, that is cool, quiet, clean, as an important distributing center and destination, I hope you can travel to Xining by this special resource."

the live program from five aspects of Kumbum Monastery, Qinghai Lake, Qinghai, Huangzhong, Lake Race flowers peasant paintings, Dan Junggar, to show a "simple and tranquil, dynamic fashion, open" the charm of Xining. The Central People’s radio voice of China deputy director Hu Jun said in an interview with reporters, Xining is on the Tibetan Plateau only a population of more than one million of the big city, this multi-ethnic city, has very strong inclusiveness, the summer climate is cool, therefore, the program selection is the outward promotion Xining City logo. Hope that the program, so that more Hong Kong and Macao compatriots, listeners at home and abroad to understand Qinghai, Xining. "When I came to Xining, I saw the tall buildings, the clean city, the cool climate and the people’s enthusiasm. It was a beautiful city." Hu Jun said.It is reported that

"new" across the city, a live broadcast of CNR launched a joint Hong Kong Radio and local radio stations, mainly to the mainland city of Hong Kong and Macao audience show style.  

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