Lake race really to the national audience live

as everyone knows, in all sports, television is the most difficult to achieve road bicycle race, this is also a problem plagued Lake Organizing Committee for many years, based on live television try in Qilian County, Zhangye city last year, this year the tournament for the first time through the CCTV sports channel television broadcast to a national audience in Xining to achieve, its meaning is very profound, but also have a very active role for the promotion of Xining summer.

broadcast let the lake tour with the shadow of the tour de France

is the world’s top cycling tour the world famous, is the very mature live television especially aerial technology, which makes the tour during the annual contest, rushed to the scene to watch the game in addition to millions of viewers, the audience watching television, with this foundation, the tour de France in market operation is very successful, so today in the lake race events live on very has taken a solid step means that the Lake Race chasing tour on the road and had a huge progress, this success will be the full realization of the lake race after the television broadcast, a world-class event has laid a good foundation.

is the summer Xining Lake Race promotion platform

the event live makes all the people of Xining is delighted, as the increasingly modern city, the people of all ethnic groups in Xining ebullience and Xining city center square, the living room is increasingly clear the Nanchuan River, beautiful and handsome kylin Bay Park modern very thick sea lake Sports Center, Qinghai Grand Theatre, Qinghai Science and technology hall, fire ditch wetland park with the lens appeared one by one in front of the audience at the same time, the host of the Xining long history, splendid culture and unique folk customs, cool climate conditions in Xining by introduction, the audience sincerely feel happy and proud. In recent years, the lake race held wherever the natural scenery, local customs and practices, historical culture and economic and social development with the platform and the Mingyangtianxia, live events, the spread of influence, especially the use of new technology to make the aerial platform promotion race around the lake is more obvious. (author: Ge Wenrong)

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