From now until May 31st, Xining thorough investigation of six types of traffic violations

from now to May 31st, the city police will carry out special rectification action, thorough investigation of drunk driving, vehicle Luantingluanfang, random noise sounding and exhaust pollution, vehicle overloading, driving licenses and other illegal acts covered current serious road traffic.

The key

of this regulation, one is in restaurants, bars, entertainment and other surrounding night traffic violations increase efforts, thorough investigation and severe punishment of drunk driving. Two is to strengthen the management of temporary parking spots, banning and rectification of temporary parking spaces without the approval of the establishment of the standardized management of parking points, Shun parking. Clean up the road factory". Three is the regulation of motor vehicle Luantingluanfang other traffic violations, thorough investigation of the "black car" and "car fishing". Correct the bus does not enter the harbor, not in turn out of the site and other traffic violations. Increase the standard management of taxi driving. Four is the strict regulation of motor vehicle traffic violations free unit, strengthen vehicle exhaust, noise pollution, sewage and other traffic violations exceed the standard DB horn. Five is to regulate the overloading of trucks, according to the law on the implementation of the upper limit of the amount of more than the amount of punishment. Six is to investigate and deal with the vehicle deliberately obscured license plate, defaced plate traffic violations.


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