n our province, a water conservancy project Da Ji canal water diversion water today officially Huan

12 14, the national major water conservancy project in our province, "a number of water conservancy project" Da Ji canal Huangshui water diversion through the water. So far, filled with wisdom and hard work of the provincial Party committee and government leaders, together with several generations of hard work and sweat water, carrying the masses of all ethnic groups in the Huangshui River of hope and hope to lead a large economic subject Huang project basically completed, marking the province’s people looking for half a century of yindajihuang dream.

it is understood that the yindajihuang project from Datong River Diversion, large-scale inter basin water transfer project through the Dabanshan into the Huangshui River watershed. The project is the implementation of our province in eastern area of optimal allocation of water resources and promote sustainable economic and social development in the eastern city of group, protect and improve the livelihood of the major strategic foundation, composed of "general, two libraries, three trunk", namely water diversion canal, stone gorge reservoir, Heiquan reservoir, North Canal phase, the north channel two and West Main Canal, the construction in three phases. Project after the operation, the annual 750 million cubic meters of water supply in Huangshui River Basin from Datong River, can realize farmland replacing dry 66 thousand and 700 hectares, protect the eastern city of group of 3 million people drinking water, the main stream of Huangshui River Industrial Park production water, modern agriculture and animal husbandry in the East hundred miles Gallery characteristics of water and ecological water demand, will greatly improve the water the structure of resource allocation, improve the utilization efficiency and level of water resources for the construction of power in our province "three areas", a comprehensive well-off society play an important role of support and security, has great economic benefits, ecological benefits and social benefits.

water diversion canal as drawing big economic key control engineering project planning in the province, located at an average altitude of 3000 meters in the alpine region, mainly by open channel diversion, diversion tunnel, the export of three parts. Since the project started since the builders face high altitude and long tunnel operation, less surface and complicated geological problems, brave, unity and cooperation, meticulous organization, tenacious struggle, to overcome the high June 2015 force, large fault and deep embedded rare technical problems, a total length of 24.17 kilometers, diameter 5 meters, the design flow of 35 cubic meters per second across the board through the diversion tunnel. The tunnel through the years, all construction units to conscientiously sum up experiences, strengthen the organization and management, overall planning, inverted construction, accelerate the construction of the follow-up project, to ensure that the formal water diversion tunnel.

main canal water diversion tunnel has been formally through the water after the operation of Heiquan reservoir built, stone gorge reservoir impoundment, the north canal project across the board through the west main canal project construction, yindajihuang the province "a water conservancy project construction has made a great achievement. To develop the project overall benefit, for the benefit of the masses in Huangshui River Basin has laid a solid foundation.


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