Huangzhong to protect the general election to promote

after the investigation, more than a month of the expiry of audit, nomination work, recently, in the village square of Huangzhong County town of Suhl Ji village villagers to exercise their democratic rights, voting through open, fair and impartial electing their village leader — a Ren Village Committee Director Hu Guilong will lead the village 303 farmers, to continue in the next 3 years journey to prosperity.
it is reported that, in the village (community) "two committees" in the general election, Huangzhong county to strengthen the publicity of laws and regulations, solicit opinions of the masses, with full respect for public opinion, full consideration of candidates, in strict accordance with the norms of operation, to ensure the fair and open elections; at the same time, for violation of discipline, disrupting the general order of outcrop, ensure that the general fresh air is, orderly election. At the same time, Huangzhong County strictly implement the general contact point system, 28 county-level cadres contact 16 towns (streets), 14 general election key village; the township (street) the members of the team split the village (community), village cadres, rural village cadres point guidance. The establishment of the general election petition group, the implementation of the general election of public opinion monitoring, reporting on important matters, public opinion monitoring and the general progress of daily system, grasp the dynamic election, the timely discovery, reporting, tracking and processing all kinds of influence election events for village level election "relief". In addition, the implementation of the "Huangzhong county" mechanism Choi Heung Village, open recruitment of 40 professional accounting personnel assigned to the 16 towns (streets) villages and towns jingguanzhan enrich and perfect the work force, funded to county village and community for the strengthening of the expiration of the audit, the village (community) of financial supervision, to effectively curb village level financial management irregularities, to ensure that the village level election smoothly. Up to now, the county village (community) branch of the general election has been basically completed, the village (neighborhood) committee election has been completed nearly 1/4.


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