April chase air excellent rate of 83%

This year, Datong County to carry out a comprehensive atmosphere and comprehensive water pollution control work, the heavy management of air and water pollution, air quality has been continuously improved, from January to April, air quality rate is 77.35%, among them, the April air fine rate was 83%.

it is understood that in the two road dust pollution, the county set up related road check facilities, 24 hours to check passing vehicles; 12 sprinkler on the town’s main street, Ning Zhang highway and factory and surrounding roads timing for cleaning sprinkler moisture; twenty-eight kilometers of Road area to carry out a comprehensive renovation of dawn. In building demolition site dust control, within the jurisdiction of the 32 construction site, 3 demolition site and 3 commercial concrete mixing station of "examination", and the establishment of air pollution prevention security system, requires each site to pay 100 thousand yuan deposit before the restart. In the governance of industrial enterprises of atmospheric pollution, the county organization of the key industrial enterprises held a comprehensive management of environmental pollution of industrial enterprises will promote the work, plans to invest 641 million yuan, the implementation of bridge aluminum thermal power unit technology, low NOx combustion flue gas denitration project in Qinghai Huadian 10 enterprises including 26 pollution control projects. In the aspect of coal-fired pollution control, the county’s coal business premises before the renovation by 88 reduced to the current 39, banned without a license or certification incomplete coal business in 49 points; the implementation of 192 tons of steam boiler coal gas working years.


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