Wang Xiao to promote steady economic growth and lay a solid foundation for the development of people

  economic development is the premise and foundation of improving people’s livelihood. People’s livelihood is the compass and focus of economic work. Protect the people’s livelihood, is the economic and social development of the security line". At present, from the big climate to the small environment, the downward pressure on the economy is relatively large. Can be seen from the statistics, at present Xining accounted for the three stage production by about 4 percentage points, the growth rate of the secondary industry 4.6 percentage points higher than the three growth rate, which shows that the process of Xining’s industrialization is far from over, must continue to support the role of highly valued investment, must continue to attach great importance to the basic position of the industry, must continue to the park attaches great importance to the agglomeration effect. At the same time, the transfer and adjustment of structure and resource and environmental constraints such as background, Xining is not likely to go the traditional industrialization path, we must pay more attention to play the main role of the market, we must pay more attention to the support of national policy, we must pay more attention to deepening the reform of economic system. From the province’s view, the city’s first degree, contribution, high degree of concentration, is responsible for the stability of the province’s economic growth. Therefore, we should adhere to the concept of coordination to promote economic and social development with the ecological protection priority, lay the combined to expand investment projects, promote the park, help enterprises ", adhere to the investment, consumption and export three demand coordination pull, system transformation, structure optimization, elements upgrade three dynamic synergy force, three plate Park, city, county in traditional industries and emerging industries, two industries to grow, public goods, public services and public entrepreneurship, innovation with two engines to drive, to win more space and leeway for the transformation of the mode of economic development.

promote ecological structure, investment, joint development

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unremittingly to expand investment

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