Xining industry and Commerce Department has been under the framework of the seizure problem milk pow

9 18, law enforcement officers Industrial and Commercial Bureau organization in Xining city to carry out a dragnet inspection of Xining City, shopping malls, supermarkets, food stores, the market sales of infant formula milk powder containing melamine, the business operator shall be ordered to stop the sale, shelf delisting. On the shelves of the delisting of infant formula containing melamine stored in the field, and the implementation of regulatory responsibility to prevent re entering the market. Returned to the manufacturer of melamine containing infant formula milk powder to register, follow strict supervision to prevent re sale. The same day, the reporter saw a number of dairy farms in the provincial capital, the Department informed the 22 manufacturers of 69 batches of infant formula milk powder has been sealed under the shelves. As of 18, the Xining Municipal Industry and Commerce Department has been under the shelf sealed Sanlu milk powder more than 24 tons, inventory market sales were informed of the production of 22 batches of infant formula milk powder more than two tons of more than 69 tons.


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