Three noes radiator is not used in Xining two Department of heat distribution was investigated

for the protection of public safety of heating, Xining city market supply and marketing Industrial and Commercial Bureau YanZha radiator, recently seized two batches of substandard steel radiator (public radiator), worth about one hundred and fifty thousand yuan.

October 13th, Xining city production materials market Industrial and Commercial Bureau business by law enforcement officers in Xining Distribution Department Chen Ning sun radiator and Chengbei District Chen Ning building materials wholesale market in the Distribution Department inspection in the Huangshui River market of Xining wing radiator, found that two of the shop sales model 70× 63mm radiator are "three noes" product. Immediately, the law enforcement officers to take part in this type of radiator sent to the provincial quality inspection by the inspection of substandard products. Law enforcement officers immediately instructed in the radiator Distribution Department warehouse seized 532 groups of this type. It is reported that these two batches of heat is the parties to buy cheap from Henan, ready to sell to the Xining market. According to the Xining Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau of industry and commerce market law enforcement personnel, these substandard heat sink under normal pressure deformation or even burst. The public is best in the legal procedures for the sale of the store to buy radiators, and obtain product certification and quality inspection reports. Currently, the case is under further investigation.


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