2012 low cost entrepreneurial ideas

what is the idea of a low cost money? Here, small series can not help you to protect what, but can help you guide your entrepreneurial path to make money.

full network that DIY jewelry shop Dianzhi choice. Depending on the manager’s ability to invest. The better the business will be the better, but the greater the risk of investment. Under normal circumstances, you can choose to have clothing sales atmosphere of commercial street, the university is more concentrated area, the location must not be too remote, must be the target consumer groups

looked at the closet full of dolls, Deng Zhi also hope that they can find their new owners. Because she has her own work, she chose to do business on the internet. She felt that there is no threshold to open the shop, do not rent a license to do so there is no risk window. The shop in the first month, the business is good, a customer once booked five dolls, Deng squeak excited sleepless night. Because it is pure hand-made, but also works particularly fine, so the price is not cheap dolls. The price of 150 pieces, even Deng felt squeak quite expensive, but spent a lot of time on the inside, the price is cheap, she is not willing to sell. For this contradiction, she actually also prepared psychologically.

When a

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