The 8 step is to make a dream come true

a lot of people want to start, but the business is not easy, we must be diligent in thinking, good at finding. In fact, every entrepreneur has a dream, want to make entrepreneurial dreams come true, you need to proceed from the following 8 steps.

1. find out the difference with competitors. You need to figure out what your product is different from your competitors.

2. think about what your idea is going to do. If you want to start a business, you have to think about it. Does it shorten the time to do something? Is it easier to find something? Is it more exciting or more functional? If your products and services can’t solve a problem that is recognizable, whether they need it or want it?

3. do your homework". Are you the first one to have this idea, or is it something else? You can search for relevant information on the Internet, attend industry conferences, communicate with experts, and consult with experienced people. To do a detailed investigation right now, because you certainly don’t want to wait until after has spent valuable time and money only to find that the original is in front of you The early bird catches.

4. determine your consumer population. If you say, "everyone can be your potential client," then you must be lazy, and open their own joke. What are the early users of your products and services? Will you choose your creativity instead of spending time and money? Or is it a new product that allows them to spend time and money? Do you really want the products you offer them? Who are you really selling?

5. determine your resource needs. What you really want from place to start a business plan? Can you perform standardized production in the basement? Do all things have to rely on a website that provides such services? Can you start a business alone or need a team? If you need a team, which team should be included? How much do you need to start your business? None of this is a quick process. You need to study in advance, select suppliers, communicate with experts in the industry, and it will take a lot of time.

6. build product model. This is crucial for a product, as important for a service. If you are creating a service, your prototype can be a stream

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