Xi’an college students employment and entrepreneurship Alliance

college students increasingly difficult employment, in July each year is known as the history of the most difficult graduation season". However, compared to the past, almost all of the college graduates are rushing to the recruitment of the venue, there are more and more college students choose to start their own business.


the alliance will carry out college students’ employment needs and the enterprise needs a dynamic monitoring, analyzing the employment situation of college students in Xi’an. Build online and offline recruitment platform, to achieve rapid docking of universities and enterprises; to carry out training and training, college students entrepreneurial incubator combination of business services, to meet the diverse needs of college students entrepreneurship; give full play to the talents of public services, government private employment service mechanism in the allocation of human resources function, timely grasp and predict the enterprise people demand, supply and demand of human resources to improve the matching degree, enhance the government, universities and enterprises of three party personnel exchanges and cooperation.

The employment of college graduates

2016 the upcoming season, facing the difficult employment situation of university students, Xi’an students venture alliance will set up a government, colleges and students three forces together, realize the optimal allocation of personnel, to meet the needs of college graduates, to help entrepreneurs realize the goal.

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