Novice entrepreneurship shop note

the rapid rise of the current food and beverage industry, so many entrepreneurs want to join a lot of investors who share a cup of soup. But for those who have not engaged in the food and beverage industry investors, want to successfully open a hot pot shop on the need to do a good job in the shop before the preparation. No open restaurants who do not understand the food and beverage industry, as the saying goes gehangrugeshan, a line of the road, set up shop as possible before preparation is necessary.

set up shop note a, we introduce you to the other * * at several times. The first preparation involves a very wide, we each article from a single angle is introduced. As long as you carefully will harvest.

set up shop note to make a comprehensive understanding of the two, to your local restaurants, especially the location selected by 500 meters radius circle, should focus on understanding within the store, it should be noted here that only the same store operating varieties are comparable, as you run the string compared with the string of incense, incense shop only then, if no other strings in the range of incense shop, you can compare from other stores per capita consumption, people’s consumption habits and taste fundamentals. If there is a range of dishes in the range of hot pot, which is not comparable, but also can get some useful information from the fundamentals, such as people’s preferences for hot pot.

The general process of

entrepreneurship shop note three, the shop is: to determine the operating varieties – to determine the levels of consumption — the search for matching shop – breakeven analysis and investment risk estimation, rented shop decoration, equipment purchase, personnel training, recruitment and hall staff skills — buy Spices and wine – shop for more than 3 days before commissioning taste, taste and bulk production, qualitative propaganda and all ready, open (shop not necessary) – trying to fight for business – guest comments, adjust management and taste.

we say that entrepreneurship is not a simple thing, it needs not only passion and courage, but also the need for wisdom. The company set up factories with open shop, is a case of art. Its early start involves the wider the better. Here we do not have it all, you have to rely on careful analysis, find out the program for you. The above points hope to provide some inspiration and help for entrepreneurs.

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