You must know what to do

everyone is willing to do catering business can do, but in life there are many catering shop boss soon collapse, such phenomena are staged every day, many catering boss do not know until the last of its stores is how to die, gave you sum up shop you must know the small problem


catering shop to understand these issues

first, why do customers come to your restaurant

a restaurant must know their target consumers love what to eat, what kind of consumption habits, all with their target consumers as the core, according to the target consumers and competitors to create their own restaurant dishes, dishes with only your appetite, I will have to be consumers again, a lot of food the shop owner did not understand this problem, lead to customer retention rate is very low.

second, consumers how to

different target groups their lives and working conditions are not the same, the demand for restaurants is also very different. So, what kind of habits to target consumers, their consumption needs refinement, care in their restaurant service, consumers are very satisfied, many food boss that do dishes can be, in fact, is not so simple.

third, what products sell

There is relationship between the localization of

of the problem and the restaurant itself, build their own good restaurant dishes, making its restaurants occupy a certain position in the minds of consumers, this is the most important, no position, no big market restaurant.

of the above three problems are every catering entrepreneurs should be clear in the shop before the blind shop, only one


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