You do not fit when the boss came to a test to know

although everyone has his entrepreneurial dreams, but not that for everyone to do the boss, to their own businesses, you see fit to do the boss, can not be to their own businesses, and let’s take a look at this little test.

the following each question has 4 options: A, B, C, often sometimes seldom, never D.

1, in urgent need of decision-making, you are thinking, "let me think about it?" 2, if you own an excuse "irresolute and hesitant carefully, can easily conclude"? 3. Do you want to avoid some of the key issues in order to avoid offending a strong customer, or even to cater to the customer? 4, do you have any urgent tasks to deal with the daily chores?

5, do you have to work under great pressure? 6, do you have the ability to resist the interference and crisis that will prevent you from completing important tasks? 7, when you make important decisions and plans, often ignore the consequences? 8, when you need to make a decision may not enjoy popular support, whether for excuses to face?

9, do you always find something important to do at night? 10, if you do not want to bear the arduous task of looking for excuses? 11, do you often have time to avoid or prevent the occurrence of difficult situations? 12, you always may offend others to announce equivocate decision? 13, do you like others to do what you don’t want to do for yourself?

see analysis: a score of 50 or more, your personal qualities and entrepreneurs from 40 to 49; that you, not diligent, should completely change procrastination, low efficiency shortcomings, otherwise the business is just an empty talk; 30 to 39 points, that you’re confident in most of the cases, but sometimes shilly-shally, but never mind, which is steady and deliberate; 15 to 29 points, you are an efficient decision makers and managers, is expected to become successful entrepreneurs, what are you waiting for?

What is your

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