Which is the best ice cream store

as a person full of shopping in your hands chowhound how can a small sense of the sweet and delicious ice cream? In the restaurant to join the investment projects of small what kind of ice cream has always been a person more favored by investors to join the brand, a lot of people think ice cream is now a very popular franchise franchise direction, the market also has a dazzling brand, in the face of so many brands, various brands say they are compared well, ice cream stores which good? Today Xiaobian to recommend a brand.

ice cream store which good?

Vitoria is the Guangzhou Yankees good food food equipment Co., Ltd. brand, Vitoria from the UK handmade ice cream brand ice cream essence brings together the world powers, produced by the world’s top ice cream equipment, not only the western and the eastern charm, elegant beauty of the world, called the "noble Queen ice cream". It is popular in more than half of the earth is a model of British style ice cream, ice cream industry leader in the world. Vitoria to promote the trend of the world’s ice cream, the Chinese cold drinks food industry has become popular on the market.

Vitoria ice cream, from the nineteenth Century Vitoria times, concise hundred years of the royal family secret brewing pure British flavor, which each kind of raw materials are the layers of screening after the concentrated essence, accurate to milligrams of gold proportion, high quality standards will be extended to the eternal every detail.

innovation is the driving force for sustainable development of the brand in Vitoria, but also the secret to maintain the competitive edge of Vitoria. Vitoria has always insisted on constantly focusing on the development of new products, the food industry will continue to integrate into their own ice cream.

who can join the headquarters of the following training:

1, operation skills training: ice cream equipment operation skills, maintenance skills, all kinds of ice cream production skills, all kinds of fashion snacks production skills…… By the actual operation of extremely experienced teachers to master.

2, ice cream marketing training: marketing training including brand marketing, product promotion, personalized promotions and so on, through one-on-one training, online communication, telephone exchanges, strengthen the continuous and uninterrupted partner training, help partners to become bigger and stronger.

3, store management training: the company is committed to providing a full range of training for investors, from recruitment management, site free business shop, meticulous professional training so that entrepreneurs can quickly into profitability, make operation more efficient.

this is a legitimate business qualification of the company, but also a reliable franchise brand, Vitoria welcomes the national plus

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