90 venture capital market which entrepreneurial projects can choose

80 have been photographed on the beach of the venture, now in the entrepreneurial sea swim is a new batch of 90. So, it is now suitable for the operation of the investment less money to do business?



] market prospects

[business tips]

1, in addition to selling fresh flowers, but also to sell the production of mood and fun. It is better to look like Sun Xiang and so on, open the home DIY flower perfume, turn perfume into another kind of commemorative form of flowers.

2, a florist and cooperation, auxiliary project will flower perfume as promotional gift shop, with a variety of flowers perfume to buy flowers from the florist, collect fees, promotional fees or gifts in exchange for florist flowers.

3, the production of specialized flower perfume "menu", marked above what kind of flowers have what kind of flower, how to use the production of perfumes, the impact on the body, what is suitable for occasions, what kind of drinks collocation…… This careful reduces the workload of the clerk, saving costs, but also makes the production more interesting.

4, most women have a hobby to collect perfume bottles, the shop can sell all kinds of perfume bottles have great originality, marked the LOGO shop.

5, the store can also provide a variety of drinks and snacks.



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