What are the reasons for unsuccessful

why are so many people unable to apply for a job? Now think about it seems there are still a lot of reasons, entrepreneurs in the business will have some of this kind of career experience, so the future of entrepreneurship is more or less some help.


in some job fairs, some job seekers in a simple self introduction, due to the lack of talking stammer, answer questions like or recruiters are vague or confusing, or sound is very low, so the people and communication skills are difficult to obtain by the employer favor.

late for an interview.

wrong way

high expectations

some graduates wishing to enter the management positions after graduation, some hope that a job can earn thousands of yuan of wages, some want to have a good working environment and development space. These graduates tend to ignore reality, the distance between unrealistic imagination and reality may be far away.

is not sincere

in the recruitment site, the reporter saw some job seekers looking to recruit personnel consulting from time to time, although a strong desire to enter the mouth to the company, but the behavior is not very serious. Some job seekers in consulting the company’s relevant circumstances, but hinted that he was waiting for the results.

this "cheating" job seekers is difficult to obtain the favor of the enterprise recruitment.

resume wordy

I wish you

since then can succeed, successful job, ensure a successful life itself.


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