Tianjin Dream Castle youth entrepreneurship contest held successfully

entrepreneurial boom has been going on for more than half a year, compared with previous years, the size of the entrepreneurial population has significantly expanded, the community has begun to focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. Capital side, the Milky Way ferry, Tianjin with opportune for the majority of young people to build a stage for innovation and entrepreneurship.

venture roadshow, Internet innovation salon, lectures…… Sushang technology building almost every day activities, the Tianjin youth entrepreneurship camp together.


11 in the afternoon of 6 March 1, Tianjin TV second "Dream Castle" youth entrepreneurship competition in the sushang technology building a cloud of space. After careful screening of youth entrepreneurship projects meeting, Hotan cycling agency, Yang mom, help a wood, good luck in the 168 TV shows, from the city’s 12 investors and business mentors conducted on-site review of a customer project.

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