High school students to open a custom cheongsam shop business income is good

retro fashion wind up, many young people began to wear a cheongsam, as women have the trend of fashion clothing, cheongsam is not the general definition, and how to let people fall in love with the cheongsam is a skill.

character name card

1 meters tall 88 Luo Yang worked as a model, leaflets, McDonald’s waiter, sophomore, saved the first bucket of gold he established his own dress studio, start a business.

about cheongsam, Luo Yang said, you see a cheongsam, will think of the Shanghai night inside genv, in fact, the cheongsam as every woman to wear clothes, is the soul. "I am now doing the cheongsam, will add a lot of detail, more refined, people’s attention to the cheongsam transferred from the body to temperament."

in a working room near the East Campus of Sichuan Normal University, the reporter has not entered, he heard the erhu music in the room around, knock on the door, the erhu sound halted, a tall and handsome boy opened the door, door, hung dozens of pieces of every kind of cheongsam. His name is Luo Yang, Sichuan Normal University College of fashion design major, this is his cheongsam studio.

worked to save the venture capital

to enter the University, parents living expenses of Luoyang tube is a bit tight, he always hopes to economic independence as soon as possible. My roommates opened a photography studio, Luo Yang think, oneself also should do what he thought of the cheongsam. Luo Yang’s interest in cheongsam originates from his relatives.


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