Broke the news what led to the Suzhou property market so crazy

"a paradise under Jervois", the beautiful Suzhou is a perfect place for many people. For the recent rapid growth of the property market in Suzhou, Xiao Zhang originally thought that we are all longing for a cozy and comfortable home life, so all went to Suzhou to buy a house, however, the truth behind the small make up amazing!

[grams and Swiss data show that in 2015 Suzhou (real estate) a total turnover of 12 million 680 thousand square meters of commercial housing, compared with the same period last year, a substantial increase of 48%, accounting for the national commercial housing of 0.98%. ]

2008 Wang (a pseudonym) just arrived in Suzhou, rented a duplex house, only 2000 yuan a month. In April 2010, he bought a small house in the Suzhou Industrial Park, East Lake, an area of only more than and 70 square meters, second-hand housing decoration is good, the price is 7600 yuan / square meters, amounting to more than half a million. In the years after 2010, many of the places where prices soar but Suzhou’s housing prices have been steadily, or very small, and even appeared to fall in 2013. In early 2015 this house is not more than 15 thousand yuan / square meter.

Suzhou housing prices began to fall in the fall of 2015. Direct trigger is the Suzhou Industrial Park, East Lake land auction prices soaring. Since then, Suzhou Industrial Park prices suddenly began to rise, driven by the rise of other regions in Suzhou. From the beginning of 2016, Suzhou property market is more and more crazy.

Wang’s house, now worth 25 thousand yuan / square meter.

According to the

Institute think tank center, Suzhou (excluding Kunshan (real estate), Taicang (real estate), county-level city) this year 1~4 month average transaction price of new commodity housing 16969 yuan / square meters, compared to the year 2015 rose 28.91%.

5 17, because the rumors of the property market in Suzhou to purchase, Suzhou once again become the focus of the national property market, where the real estate market happened what kind of story?

Park soared

Shandong Ji’nan (real estate) to the new Suzhounese Zhang (a pseudonym) has experienced this process. Zhang working in a Taiwan funded enterprises, the company’s main business for mobile phone electronic equipment testing, profit is relatively small. Zhang is very busy, not more than 10 thousand yuan per month income. Set the power of the family lobbied for the down payment, Zhang bought a big house in the summer of 2015, a set of 140 square meters in the vicinity of Suzhou Industrial Park Pavilion rain street, when prices for 10 thousand yuan. 3 quarters after the price is close to $30 thousand.

2016 earlier this year in Shanghai (real estate) prices began to rise sharply, the news will undoubtedly also for Suzhou residents recommended

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