A kind of marketing tactics

with the popularity of online shopping, buy more and more popular market, detonated opportunities to win a lot of more and more consumers like to win more and more sought after by consumers. Buy this thing, now very fire. Domestic buy site is said to have reached the "thousand regiment war" degree. So, how to understand the group buying boom? Below, small make up for you to take the interpretation of a group of marketing tactics!

has a recently published weekly magazine editor in the title page is a surprise in a group purchase website wrote: × × online sales, the first hour, sold 90 copies; the first day sales of 4288 copies; third day group purchase ended, a total of 7311 people subscribe to its annual journal more than 90% of them are the first subscription.

the first point is the group purchase sales, for the organization, is only the beginning of sales. For example, the hotel can use a dish of extremely low price and free to attract customers, but in general, after the arrival of more diners always point dishes, the consumption behavior of re sale, is worth a group purchase.

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