What kind of name can be taken in a drink shop

no matter what kind of shop we run, want to do business, naturally also need to give a good name for the beverage shop. However, a drink shop in the end can be what kind of name is plagued by countless investors. So, what kind of name can drink shop? Xiaobian to introduce you to see if there is a name to meet your needs.

beverage shop name: Doko

, hee hee

interpretation: Doko, cardamom. The idiom "marriageable age", has said that as a young young girl. Doko (cardamom) in this can be extended to a passionate, carefree young fashion people. Hee hee: relaxed, happy, happy and happy. May: recognition, appreciation. Doko can be as young hee hee, fashion group, drinking beverages, eating desserts, joy without sorrow. They are satisfied with the drinks, desserts and thoughtful service. Every moment. Guest: guest. Hee hee Oh, happy happy oh no worries.

drinks shop name: Amy hut Amy ‘s house

explained: I feel the name is very warm, very attached to the feeling of milk tea shop. In fact, I have always wanted to open a tea shop, intends to use the name. Hope to bring you good luck.

drinks shop name: such as

from the Qing Dynasty famous poet Nalanxingde "only if the first sign of life", this word spread very wide, can make the name easy to remember. And now young people are more like romance, more like the classic elegant fan of things.

marketing strategy: small in business, every drink can be sent with a printed one or two beautiful poetry (especially poetry class) exquisite small pieces of paper, highlighting our literary characteristics (similar to Dove every chocolate have a sentence that).

advertising words: do not forget the first time when the beautiful.

drinks shop name: Nectar-Box   Na cool zone

creative inspiration: the word nectar English dictionary is the sweet drink; just to adapt and store of goods. Box suffix is the tide of the name, and it is similar, it is suitable for young people. In addition, the word transliteration can be indirectly translated as "cool zone" very cool name. Personally feel fashionable flavor, simple atmosphere, very suitable!

drinks shop name: Dolcevita Joe’s

creative inspiration: English and Chinese

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