Take you to understand the red lanterns beef noodle shop franchise

what do you think of a beef noodle shop? Small I feel will be good, give a person a kind of heroic sky feeling, think about what the old inn, big mouth to eat meat, drink, eat the big picture, and then restore modern scene, it is a very interesting thing. To say the famous beef noodle shop, small I recommend a called red light as beef noodle restaurant.

a red light on the beef noodle

red light as beef noodle is one of Chengdu’s ten large catering enterprises under the brand name Wu Shu. The red lanterns have been CCTV4 SCTV7, beef noodle shop, CDTV2 television reported, and won the ten Sichuan Sichuan food shops, restaurants, fried chrysanthemum vice president of catering units and many other awards. Sichuan consumers have been widely recognized and supported.

two, seven advantages of cooperation, join the brand of choice for


1. development advantage: innovation ability, build with local tastes are delicious pastry, health;

2. business advantage: join the red lanterns noodle shop, shop store support, tracking service;

3. brand advantage: to meet the needs of the masses of consumers, easy to operate, get rich and secure;

4. talent advantages: complete training program, so that more people to join the "red light";

5. investment advantages: the market is large, the target audience is comprehensive, the first choice of investment and entrepreneurship;

6. service advantages: technology, site selection, decoration, opening, materials, after-sales, market, such as a full range of guidance and support;

7. marketing advantage: the perfect combination of food and fashion nostalgia, relying on brand marketing, broad prospects.

three, join support, shop without worry about

joined the noodle shop need not only the brand, a good brand to join to provide full service for the franchisee, truly 0 experience can also sell


Chengdu Chengdu red light Catering Management Co. Ltd offers a full range of services for the franchisee to join

1) trademark and brand

improve quality, ensure product quality, QS food safety certification, to ensure supply, improve cost performance, increase revenue;

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