Who caught mother’s Day 18 billion business opportunities

a time where to go, let the children into the collective Thanksgiving boom. Even if you are busy, even if you are in a foreign country, you need to express your love to your mother on this day. What are you going to surprise your mother this weekend?

for marketers, holiday means business. As a result, many businesses playing a gift of gratitude warmth card, mother’s day to seize opportunities! The store to put up a pageantry promotion Lanke, online stores are enthusiastic, jointly Jiaore mother’s Day online and offline consumer market.

festive flowers hot   early mother-in-law opportunities

The most important of course is


Is the most sensational statement of how the mother bear bitter hardships

"details, do not buy feel too filial." Ms. Wang said, after seeing these products, quickly set up a set of cosmetics and a bouquet of flowers. Compared with the traditional stores, the advantages of the network is full of sensational get in by every opening.


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