A5 topic Tencent Liu Chengmin retired nternet giants compete for mobile tickets

in the evening of January 28th, Liu Chengmin announced his retirement and Tencent restructuring MIG (mobile Internet business group) on the same day, micro-blog has not updated for more than 3 months in the Sina Liu Chengmin suddenly forwarded a Lang Lang winning micro-blog. Comments, blessing message is not a few.

former Tencent COO Li Qing on the first Financial Daily reporters revealed that after leaving Tencent, Liu Chengmin will complete the transition from professional managers to investors. As early as two years ago, Liu Chengmin has quietly carried out a number of personal investment in Tencent.

and Liu Chengmin Tencent MIG has a much longer way to go. According to the Tencent announced the plan, the future Tencent mobile Internet business group will focus on security, browser, search, and other platform based business application platform, mobile phone QQ and super QQ raised the social network business group, mobile phone game external cooperation department transferred to the interactive entertainment business group.

series of adjustments revealed Tencent Inc will be fully integrated into the mobile Internet business determination. And re adjusted the Tencent will also be in the mobile Internet tide of "walking on two legs", one is the core position of platform level products in the PC end, and the flow of information through user association, each product consists of firewall, this is keep; two is to optimize the internal organization architecture, autonomy organization to stimulate the middle. To promote mobile Internet product innovation and competitiveness, this is the attack.

but the attack also brought the Tencent internal disorder". For example, for the MIG light lost core business mobile phone QQ, WeChat under pressure, and how to locate and let go of


work with over

from SP (direct provider of mobile Internet content application service) outbreak of Tencent earned the first pot of gold, to the mobile Internet era, did not hold, hold enough opportunities for innovation, the departure of Liu Chengmin is more like a product of the end of an era.

2003, Liu Chengmin joined the Tencent from HUAWEI, Zeng Liqing in under served as the general manager, general manager of mobile telecommunications department; in October 2005, Liu Chengmin served as executive vice president of Tencent wireless service system.

under his leadership, initially by SMS and wireless Tencent, have been extended to mobile phone wireless part QQ, super QQ, mobile phone QQ browser, mobile phone Tencent.com etc. the majority of Tencent in the business, in the difficult period of Tencent will be sold to earn a pot of gold. Relying on the operator’s background resources, Liu Chengmin seize the golden opportunity for SP Tencent.

wireless business has been placed in the top of the Tencent mobile Internet sector, the next QQ Empire high hopes. Tencent COO Ren Yuxin said, MIG in the history of the development of Tencent, created two "first": the first Tencent to create revenue team, help the successful listing of Tencent; the first jumped into the wave of mobile Internet, undertook for the company to explore the mobile Internet business and culture shift >

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