Alipay hit a new record global number of single day trading

November 11th

Taobao mall launched 50 percent off day promotional activities, Alipay once again pull trading innovation high. From Alipay’s data shows that the number of transactions Alipay has hit a new record, achieve success all day long payment transactions 12 million 610 thousand pen, 10 thousand pens per minute of successful trading.

according to public data, before the world’s largest third party payment company owned by eBay PayPal in the third quarter of this year the average daily number of transactions 3 million 880 thousand pen, according to last year PayPal growth rate estimates, PayPal Q4 this year, the number of transactions will increase by 20%, reaching 460 to 4 million 700 thousand strokes. But this data has been far behind the current Alipay performance.

it is understood that the current Alipay, the number of transactions basically stood firmly above 7 million pen, after yesterday’s big promotion Alipay Taobao mall all day long, the actual number of transactions is high to 12 million 610 thousand touch pen, has become the world’s first fully deserve. "That is to say, an average of 10000 per minute to pen the success of Alipay transaction." Alipay is responsible for the vice president Li Jingming said, "trade rising completely exceeded our expectations, because the number of transactions is a more than twice the peak day."

for the Taobao mall, Alipay early enough to prepare. On the basis of a 15% increase in the server, Alipay also made the system dynamic adjustment plan." Li Jingming said. Therefore, in yesterday’s bank failure rate rising, the Alipay system still resisted the pressure to survive.

it is understood that since 11 am start, Alipay is the first new record turnover soared 190% over the same period last week on the same day. Since then Alipay has been in a high growth state, 2 times a day to refresh the transaction records, and the highest transaction records in the history of the evening of 9 points, the final completion of the 12 million 610 thousand pen trading success all day long. If the online banking side and we can withstand the pressure, this figure is much higher."

Observation of the

industry, the formation of the Alipay transaction number ascribed to the reason, on the one hand is the Taobao mall big promotion activities bring huge trading volume; on the other hand, is a long time for Alipay users in online shopping in the use of adhesive and trust. It is understood that by the end of September 2010, Alipay has accumulated 470 million registered users, has become a strength of the core field of global electronic commerce.

is not only remarkable in the trading volume of users, Alipay also successfully support from Taobao and other external business volume growth. It is understood that the current Alipay external business has been involved in the B2C industry, virtual industry, payment, insurance, logistics assistant and other industries, which has become the important support of Alipay refresh transaction records.

It is reported that after the Alibaba

, Alipay Group invested 5 billion, in order to continue to strengthen the technical strength, this year has been recruited nearly 1000 people. "Next year we"

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