Tencent SOSO Li Jingjing Tencent does not exclude in the network alliance

has moved to Hongkong since Google announced its departure from the mainland market. Major domestic manufacturers frequently shot for Google products, which naturally includes Google search business in the Chinese market share of those who accept. Tencent SOSO also timely attack.

at the beginning of April, the Tencent held a press conference, announced the formation of a search (SOSO) search business line, enable the search more understand you "brand slogan, and announced that it would build a Tencent characteristics of" personality "and" community "and" intelligent "and" mobile search service ".


(Tencent joint CTO Xiong Minghua)

relies on the integration and innovation of instant messaging advantage soso search products

This is the

search for the first time announced the development strategy. According to Tencent joint CTO Xiong Minghua said, Tencent as early as three years ago began the layout of the search market, has invested more than 500 million, more than 500 of the technical staff, within two to three years is expected to reach 1000.


(search and Google Alexa traffic statistics comparison chart)

search in Google out of Chinese occasion has completed the seamless handover from web search to multiple products of wireless search. In July last year, we have more than Google, up to now we began to pull away, the user has been ranked second in the country." Xiong Minghua believes that the Tencent.com portal data were used in the search of direct products, such traffic is guaranteed soso.

In addition to the

portal, Xiong Minghua also said that the search in the search technology will always walk in front of. "We are the first to use a large number of news portal data resource integration out of an innovative search products, such as SOSO in the lab show the waltz, etc.."

for the nowadays more popular micro-blog search search search platform, director Li Jingjing said, "micro-blog is the dissemination of information faster than the forum, blog, so the country is difficult to control the current state in the observation state of micro-blog’s more stringent management." At present, the search does not support Sina’s micro-blog search, micro-blog provides data to sina.


(Google search platform director Li Jingjing


Tencent does not rule out network alliance

speaking of search profit model, Xiong Minghua promised, soso will provide "green advertising services", "the future will never do the advertising results and search results mixed damage user experience things." In addition, Li Jingjing said, Tencent does not rule out the network alliance, the acquisition of station owners.

"alliance whether in technology, resources and various aspects, soso are ready," Li Jing "

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