Cai Wensheng awesome investment B2C strategic stake in PBA cosmetics

the new year has just arrived, China famous angel investors, 4399 game chairman Cai Wensheng is also a new trend, according to informed sources, Cai Wensheng has recently officially shares do PBA cosmetics companies have burgeoned in the field of B2C. The shot, also marks the China in the field of Internet’s most famous investor, e-commerce industry will be awesome investment hot nowadays.

is known as the king of the station, Cai Wensheng is very optimistic about the e-commerce industry

e-commerce industry favored by capital

with the network consumption accounted for the proportion of the size of retail market is increasing, and the deep mining on the two or three line of the city market, e-commerce industry showed a great space to grow up and become the capital to compete for the meat and potatoes. According to statistics, in 2010 investment in the field of electronic commerce case number and the amount of the total investment to create a record high, a total of 52 investment, the amount of investment involved a total of $434 million, compared to the amount of investment in 2009 annual 16 investment case number and $97 million 688 thousand and 400, or as high as 225% and 344%. Among them, investment is mainly concentrated in the areas of B2C, clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, and other segments of group purchase become B2C investment, bazaar net, music Amoy, Luxuries network, Jingdong, mall and so on where the customer to get a huge amount of financing.

as Chinese famous Internet angel investors, Cai Wensheng paid attention to the electronic commerce has been a long time, he put the electronic commerce and the wireless Internet together, that the two is the biggest opportunity for national Internet era. In the era of the next five years the "National Internet", only a few lucky career achievements, it needs the ability, courage, luck and team. However, to find the effective way to make money, pioneering the development of a healthy business, many people still have a chance, e-commerce is a good breakthrough "Cai Wensheng said.

cosmetics vertical B2C market yet to be shuffled

is the webmaster website known as godfather Cai Wensheng, small business by the wind influence, early to help the family to do the clothing business, in 1993 moved to the southeast, in 1999 started the domain name business after returning home, China became the most successful domain name investors. 2003 Cai began to imitate the site to do hao123, IDG and Google investment in 2004, Google in China in 2007, the price of tens of millions of dollars to buy 265. Before and after this, Cai began to get involved in the investment, including investment in the company’s storm video, express, CNZZ statistics, ZCOM, 58 city dozens of popular Internet Co.

It is reported that

has been steeped in the field of the Internet, Cai Wensheng, before the major investment projects in the flow is known, the reason will be decisive shot into PBA cosmetics company, enter the vertical e-commerce industry, saw the huge potential of cosmetic products in the field of B2C. "There are a lot of vertical B2C enterprise names"

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