Hungry to do CEO financing of $350 million valuation billion dollar company rhetoric

platform online meal ordering hungry yesterday afternoon held a press conference in Beijing, hungry founder and CEO Zhang Xuhao announces $350 million E round of financing. The round of financing led by CITIC industrial fund investment, Tencent, Jingdong, public comment, Sequoia Capital joint venture. After the completion of the financing, hungry and strategic investors will reach a depth of cooperation, at the same time hungry will continue to operate independently.

After the

conference hungry CEO Zhang Xuhao conceal in an interview with Phoenix technology and other media interview with joy, his pronouncements, hungry to do the food industry Alibaba, aims to become a $one hundred billion valuation company.


got hungry how to spend money? With the Tencent, Jingdong, public comment on these enterprises investors how to cooperate? Zhang Xuhao how confident to be the food industry Alibaba


how to spend money after getting hungry? There are three tasks

2014 takeaway market basically formed a hungry it, the United States to take away the lead, each platform to fight for the market to fight the situation of subsidies war. With the U.S. group announced a $700 million D round of financing, coupled with the hungry round of $350 million financing, can be expected this year takeaway market will be a battle.

Zhang Xuhao said in an interview, the subsidy is to cultivate user habits, but subsidies will not be the norm, when the user will not subsidize the habit.

and he said, after the financing to keep calm, hungry and will expand the product line, but continues to focus on takeaway market, 2015 will focus on funding and resources to the "University", "white collar", "logistics" three major tasks.

because the users of the Internet product acceptance, delivery demand Wang, hungry and other takeaway platform in the opening of the new city in general universities and colleges began to cut, by gradually extending to the business center, residential community. 2014 hungry it has covered 250, will continue to expand in 2015, while the university is hungry, the first line of position". Improve the delivery of services in Colleges and universities, and continue to consolidate the leading position of the hungry University, is one of the three tasks hungry in 2015.

college users are characterized by high frequency, low customer price, price sensitive, weak user stickiness. While white-collar and residential market users, their price sensitivity is low, in order to better service is willing to pay higher prices. Hungry in 2015 will focus on the development of white-collar and residential market. Zhang Xuhao said, hungry in 2014 the overall customer price at around 30, in 2015 to expand the white-collar market, is expected to be able to raise the price to $50.

as a non-standard service, takeaway delivery time is one of the most concerned about the user. The hungry is located in the takeaway platform, the operation of the initial distribution of dishes by merchants, does not involve distribution, which makes the quality of service is not controllable factors. Since last year, hungry began in Beijing and Shanghai self logistics team to enhance the distribution experience. On the one hand for a number of brands that do not have distribution services

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