Cuil search engine domestic first evaluation

recently by four former Google engineers set up the California based Internet search company Cuil in the U.S. local time the evening of July 27, 2008 launched its new search engine, Cuil, and 2008-7-28 on Monday officially opened its search service. According to Cuil, the search engine Cuil, which claims to have developed a total of 120 billion internet pages, is about 3 times as much as Google.

software files:


first: Cuil interface


Design of Cuil

interface is very simple, the whole picture of a black background, under the big LOGO is the search box and the search button, the search box below shows the number of pages Cuil latest included, for small initial impression is very eye-catching.


Cuil shows that the search results are also different from the traditional search engine, not to use the list to show, but the use of similar and windows in the thumbnail mode and with pictures to display. In the upper right corner of the search results, Cuil also gives 5 to 10 search recommendations.

Cuil results show:


can be seen for the search results show that Cuil is particularly simple, including only the most basic title, abstract and url.

second: language support

unfortunately, Cuil is currently the main support for English web search. And according to Cuil, Paterson confirmed that in the early days of the Cuil will be the main search and analysis of the u.s.. Strive to later this year, so that major European languages users can also use Cuil services. In the expansion of language services, Cuil will search results in the network advertising.


, for example, we search "China Military Software Park", Cuil display can not query any relevant results. It is important to note that Cuil is the main support of English search, so the Chinese Webpage collected and catalogued inadequate, but this does not mean that Cuil can not support the current search Chinese Webpage, on Chinese search support is very poor.


, for example, we search for "Shenzhen", Cuil can show 486295 results, but this 306000000 search results compared with Google, too much difference.

third: search service type

support for search services >

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