n 2014 the number of attacks increased by 40% ransomware increased by

[Abstract] Symantec said it took an average of 59 days for software vendors to fix vulnerabilities, which took only about 4 days in 2013.

increased the number of hacker attacks by 40% ransomware software by 113%

in 2014

Tencent technology news Symantec released a new report on Thursday, in 2014 the number of attacks against large companies increased by 40% over the previous year.

wrote in the year 2014 Symantec Internet security threat report, when software vulnerabilities are discovered, it will take 59 days to repair the average software vendors, which is far more than 4 days in 2013.

Symantec said about 5/6 of large companies have been hacked.

hackers usually as long as a very simple trick can successfully launched attacks, this simple little trick is to upgrade the legitimate part of a software.

once the unsuspecting employees click on the download, hackers can invade the company’s network through a Trojan horse program, thus unhindered access.

Symantec Security Response

senior manager Satnam · (Satnam Narang); Narang said: "hackers faster than before, more creative way to attack, and the attack when the use of resources is also more, this also makes it difficult for enterprises through self-examination we detect hacker attacks."

he said, software upgrades destroyed is called a "puddle" (watering hole) fraud attacks. The puddle is quite popular in the hacker attack last year.

he said: "the puddle attacks like waiting for prey to the wild animal, they will attack the malicious code frequently visited sites. Individual users can not take action to protect themselves, they will be infected by malicious pieces."

reports that senior hackers will also use Target Corp’s own infrastructure to launch attacks.

, for example, hackers compromised legitimate software installed on the computer to avoid detection of malicious software tools to find, or use the Target Corp management tool to transfer data, the data will be transferred to other local Target Corp.


report points out that ransomware has increased by 113%, and mobile devices have become the target of attack.

in 2014, 17% of the Android app for malicious applications. "These malicious applications are often pirated products for popular games and popular applications," said." According to Google last month, said it has now begun to audit the application. (Lin Jingdong)

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