Operation of the Qingdao Development Zone talent network share some experience

to buy some of the conventional space domain name I do not say here, the focus of the next, I was how to make the site strip out!

a, layout. I found the local talent network in art is really too horrible to look at, so I have to do is first of all to the layout of my home, face the problem of good articles. Let visitors have access to my site, there is a kind of feeling.

two, user experience. I follow the principle of the site as far as possible columns, layout, content, the easier it is to use the better. So that the job seekers can clearly know where to find a job opportunity.

three, promotion. It is also a topic but a commonplace talk of an old scholar, here I summarize: the forum, soft, QQ, advertising alliance, increase the chain, keyword optimization.

four, campus promotion. This group is the most important group is also the focus groups. They also represent the future of the group.

but I want to focus on the promotion of the line. This is particularly important for the talent network, why? After all, your site is aimed at local talent and business. As for the individual owners do not have the resources of the group did not have money, I think the effect is significant, and the cost is not high, the method should be issued leaflets. The way I tested, remember that out of the 1000 list, go back in the evening, IP traffic check website, MY god. From more than and 100 liters to nearly $more than 1 thousand. In fact, the effect is very obvious. Personal webmaster can consider oh.

four, customer relationship. I use the method is to send some website publicity materials to local companies, and from time to time to call them, they want to get the company’s recruitment information, as time passes. Also do not have to take the initiative, they will be aware of the future of your website to publish recruitment information. Of course, you also have to call back on a regular basis, ha ha.

five, website profit. My profit point is mainly advertising costs, but one thing to mention is that your site must wait until there is a certain degree of visibility, it is possible to have this income. Hurry, eat hot tofu. My site has just started doing 12 months, are lost. Until third months, they have received a number of corporate phone, said to be put in advertising. Really pays off


well, the above is the precious experience I share, hope to the struggling personal webmaster to bring a ray of hope, ha ha! Yes, the site must insist, insist, insist on… Who stick to the end. Who is the real winner!

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